White Shag Rug Models for Comfortable Sitting Sensation

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In this modern era, almost all parents realize how important white shag rug in their home. This kind of carpet is very beneficial. The first, this carpet can increase the room appearance in both apartment and house. Secondly, a comfortable sensation can be felt perfectly on your feet because of soft fur. The last is this carpet is reliable children playing area while they play on this carpet due to the soft material. Do you want to know more how room concept and the best interior to be matched with this rug? Check it out.

Living Room Concept Design

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The most common modern living room concept is applying white furniture designs into one. One of them is the white long sofa. It can be completed with glass coffee table. The wall and ceiling have painted in white. Even more, this room has a lighting system with the white lampshade. To create the most comfortable sensation, the large rug is applied in this room. It is under the table set. Wherever you touch down your feed on the floor, it is the soft rug.

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Next photos are applying calm furniture design colors into a room. You can see brown, gray, and black colors on these interior models. These rooms get lighting from the sunshine and lamp. The lamp is shining a yellow light. It gives warm atmosphere around this room.

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Do you like colorful living rooms? On the pictures, you can see clearly a nice architecture with brave colors combination. The white rug on the gray floor, the interiors are made of wood materials. However, these materials are combined with colorful seat models, such as navy blue, red and sky blue. The sky blue chairs are completing with white cushions.

Bedroom and Open Room Ideas

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A comfortable carpet is in this kid bedroom. The location of this rug is in the center of the room, in front of the window. Some toy and doll are put next to the rug so that the children can reach it easily while play on the rug. This room looks beautiful with pink decorated wall.

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The narrow apartment space also has a similar appearance with the beauty of the white shag rug. This room has completed with black furniture designs. The white carpet and yellow padded sofa are eye-catching interiors in this apartment. Even though this place is tiny but the owner can feel comfortable to live in.

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