Wall Mounted Lamps Models for Stunning Room Lighting

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A room lighting source comes in various kinds and wall mounted lamps are one of them. The lamps come in various shape and designs. Using wall mounted one is usually for those who prefer semi-permanent lighting source. It is called as a semi-permanent because the lamp is installed or the lamp case depending on the lamp design attached to the wall. It makes the lamp not easy removed, unlike a desk lamp.

The wall mounted is suitable to be used in various rooms, whether it is a bedroom, a living room, or even bathroom. In current interior style, there is no boundary of what kind of furniture and decoration is solely being used for one room only. Even a private room such as a bathroom deserves a stunning room decoration. Surely, if you want to add lamps in wall mounted style, you have to consider what kind of style, which suits your room interior.

Steampunk Lamps Style

We have gathered some references on the wall mounted lamps models, which you can consider to place to match your room interior theme. This lamp style is inspired by the steampunk design, which emphasizes the movement of technology advance in the 19th century.

This stunning lamp design is focused on the long filaments. It has an orange light, which suits the gold lamp case color. Since this is a steampunk lamp design, it consists of several screws on the case.

Although the steampunk style is not apparent from this lamp design, it still can be seen from the tiny screw in the bulb case. It also has a key to attach off the bulb case from the lamp stick attached to the wall. The gold color as expected also represents the steampunk style.

Various Modern Designs of the Lamps

There are tons of modern designs for lamps attached to the wall.

This design combines a classic wood plank lamp case, which functions to attach the lamp to the wall. The wood plank is let in its natural brown wood color to maintain the natural look. The lamp case, however, is in modern design. It is in the form of bird case without a base in black color. As you can see, when the orange light is on, the natural look the wood plank gives is emphasized by the light.

Unlike the previous one, this one adapts a futuristic theme to the model. The silver metallic material represents the futuristic lamps theme. It is combined with a navy-black color of the lamp hood.

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