Unique Wood Shelving Units for Decorative and Functional Furniture

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Let’s check out the wood shelving units we have gathered for some revolutionary inspiration. Every home must have shelves for storage. Shelves certainly come in handy; it can be fully functional as an exposed storage. The nature of that exposure can be manipulated into a good decoration piece in a room. Choose one design of a shelf and put things in it like vase or picture frames and the decoration furniture is good to go. Choosing the design is the base. Why do not try considering shelf made of wood of its material? It’s strong enough to be durable overtimes and has a nice texture as a touch in a room.

Simple Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Many Shelves Made From Oak Wooden Materials Ideas

Stunning Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Two Part Of Shelves And Two Drawers Ideas Added With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

Superb Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Oak Wooden Materials With Unique Design For The Living Room Areas

Pinned Wall Shelves

Wall shelves pinned to the wall will make good decoration furniture. Though the disadvantage is, it will be more than a hassle unpinning to remove it to somewhere else for decoration change. This kind of shelves is, however, suitable for a little touch decoration. Surely, it is not limited only to that. The function varies from one to another.

Crazy Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Reclaimed White Wooden Materials With Long Shelves Parts

For mini decoration in a room, why do not try a corner shelf? The low-key positioning brings the opposite effect as to draw out the attention in the room. Something like a flower vase, family photo frame, or even some books might be the perfect match for it.

Unique Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Many Shelves For Book Or Some Decoration Ideas For Living Room

If the first is more to the decorative piece, this one is more to the functional. A shelf with a door made of the mirror is the perfect suit to be installed in a bathroom. For the alternative of installation, it can be pinned somewhere else to storage first aid. The shelf is a vertical long consist of four compartments which one of it is a small one.

Astonishing Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Black Iron Bone And Reclaimed Wooden Shelves Ideas

Like the second, this one is more for function, wood shelving units for bathroom furniture. The shelves can be accessible from all four sides but since one side is pinned to the wall, it’s left to three. The exposed design brings more effortless look, which makes it more natural for the bathroom interior.

Cupboard Shelves

Adorable Design Of The Wood Shelving Units With Silver Iron Bone And Some Drawers Combine With Grey Wall

As the name suggest, it looks like a cupboard but it doesn’t have doors. This kind of shelf is perfect for large storage for both function and decoration. This one, for example, goes for a maze design to emphasize on a style where it has many compartments for more storage room.

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