Ultra Comfortable Outdoor Chaise Lounge: Origins and Materials

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An outdoor chaise lounge can one of great options for ultra-comfort and versatile home exterior seating furniture idea. More frequently, you may see this kind of outdoor seating piece at your poolside. However, they can be placed at your patio gathering or seating spaces as well, to provide additional comfort. So, just relax and enjoy the nice weather and beautiful day on your chaise lounge, accompanied with a good book, cold drinks, and refreshment.

What are Chaise Lounge and Its Origin?

By dictionary definition, a chaise lounge is described as a kind of upholstered sofa designed in the shape of a chair, which is somewhat long to some extent to support the legs. In fact, in English literal translation, the chaise lounge is a long chair, which further refers to a reclining chair. Meanwhile, modern French term also refers this term to any long reclining chair, especially a deckchair. In addition, the chaise lounge is traditionally indoor seating piece.

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Historically, chaise lounge could be traced back first as the mixture of a chair and daybed originated in Egypt, which was prepared from palm sticks pounded together with pieces of twine or skin, and then improved into wood bed frames. Many Ancient Greek artworks portray their gods and goddesses sitting on this sort of chair, in form of daybed. Modifying and developing from Greek prototype, the Romans also had this type of daybed, designed with legs engraved in wood or cast iron.

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Open-Air Chaise Lounge – Frame Materials

In simple word, a chaise lounge is a long chair constructed for supporting your head and legs while you are reclining. A traditional lounge chair offers two options of having a low back that runs along the length of the chair and without back at all. It is also true with outdoor chaise lounge. It can be used for a single, reclining person. Additionally, it can also accommodate two or more people sitting. What is about the material? Of course, you have to think about materials that have specific features like resilience to rot and mold and its weatherproof qualities for outdoor purposes.

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Wicker chaise lounges. These long reclining chairs will be featured with a woven, basket-style base construction. Traditionally, they were made from organic wicker materials, however nowadays they are frequently manufactured from artificial synthetic, which resembles the natural wicker. Typically, you will find wicker lounge chairs come with padding, and additional shading item of the umbrella.

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Wood or teak chaise lounges can be the second alternative. Actually, this is the popular material for this sort of exterior seating piece. They can be featured with slatted back, armrests, wheels or casters, foldable, and much more.

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Steel and aluminum framed chaise lounges. Steel is heavier compared to aluminum. Where the later one is indeed much lighter in its solution and poses some virtues like durability and weather resistance.

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