Subway Tiles Kitchen: Turn Your Minimalist Interior into Great

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Not as how the name suggests, subway tiles kitchen is not something related to the subway at all. Well, in a sense it is. The term subway tile comes from the use of this tile design, which was firstly used as subway’s tiling. For the present, the name only represents the design behind the early use of it. Subway tiling has various use applied in various room interior. It can be applied in a bedroom, bathroom, and a kitchen. The idea of using it as kitchen tile is far from a bad idea. Subway tile can give a neat, clean, and minimalist kitchen look. The first two are the most important aspects of a kitchen look. Thus, subway tiling deserves your consideration for a kitchen tiling choice.

Cool Ideas Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With Young Brown Tile Floor Ideas Added With White Wooden Cabinets And Blue Wall Ideas

Stunning Design Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With White Wooden Cabinets And Red Tile Backsplash Ideas For Kitchen Areas

Stunning White Subway Tiles for Emphasizing a Clean Look

White subway tile is the original design used in the early days it was used on a subway. Now, it can also be applied as a nice kitchen tiling.

Superb Design Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With Brown Wooden Kitchen Cabinets Added With Silver Stove And Oven Ideas And White Wall Ideas

The subway tile in this kitchen interior concept has rather sharp edges at the lower part. However, it has rounded edges on the surface. This makes the application of the tiles are close and firm to each other. However, since the surface has rounded edges, it makes the look more elegant. This design is suitable to be combined with white kitchen cabinet.

Lovely Deisgn Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With White Color Added With White Cabinets And White Wall Ideas With Some Pics On The Wall

The second design is similar on the edges with the first design. What differs is the size of the tile. This one has a bigger size, which is suitable to be used in a small kitchen. It is because the big tile can give a look, which somehow makes the kitchen feel wider.

Astounding Design Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With Brown Wooden Table And Black Marble Countertops Addde With Three Hanging Lamp

The third tile design has sharper edges compared to the previous one. This makes the tiles closer and firmer. The firm look also gives a clean-cut minimalist kitchen design, which prioritizes cleanness to the interior concept. Unlike the previous ones, which use white cement for the installation, this one uses darker cement color to avoid an all-white kitchen concept although white mostly dominates the kitchen. A white kitchen cabinet with soft brown wood color countertops is chosen to form a perfect interior combination.

Amazing Design Of The Subway Tiles Kitchen With Brown Wooden Kitchen Island With Grey Marble Countertops Ideas

The last white subway tiles kitchen design has long size. The major difference compared to the previous ones is the way it is installed to the wall. It is put on by stacked vertically. It gives a different kind of minimalist kitchen tiling.

Colorful Subway Tiles for Different Approach on Minimalist Kitchen

Instead of going with the usual white, try the different approach using subway tiles in other colors!

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