Stunning Stamped Concrete Patio: Various Choices to Beautify Outdoor

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If you want a less expensive way to create a patio with natural stone looks, try to use stamped concrete patio. Unlike using the real natural stone, stamped concrete is surely cheaper. It also doesn’t require thorough care like the natural stone. Using cramped stone can grant your wish the desired natural stone look for your patio. The color and pattern of stamped concrete are various. We have gathered some references of those in the following article.

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Aiming for Natural Look through Random Interlocking Patterns

Like how stamped concrete is the replacement of natural stone, it is just natural for it to resemble the shapes of it. Random interlocking a natural stone can give will also be applied to stamped concrete pattern. Random interlocking pattern can be seen from the following designs.

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The first design is based on the natural stone named cobblestone. It has worn texture and flat surface. The edges are irregular and the corners are rounded. The light brown color is suitable for you who prefer earth color but still want it to differ from soil ground color to maintain the clean patio look. The combination of an outdoor table set made of black metal as it frames made a perfect match for a classic patio design.

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The second stamped concrete patio design is based on natural stone named English York stone. The size is bigger than the first stamped concrete made it a perfect use for a spacious backyard with a swimming pool. The gray color gives modern patio vibes.

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The third concrete has around the same size to the previous one. However, this one doesn’t have one color. It consists of several colors, which apply to one to one stone. The different shades of brown in the stamped concrete make a chic backyard patio look. It is best to be combined with potted flowers in bright colors.

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Embossing Skin Stamped Concrete

The next one is rock garden stamped concrete patio. The combination of gray and some shades of brown give a classy look to the backyard. It is best combined with plain white stone since the pattern of this stone gives a very strong look to the backyard. If you want to keep the minimalist into consideration, having this one combined with plain natural stone is advised.

If you prefer to have plain color to your patio, I advise you to use the one, which has embossing skin. This style is simple enough. You can enhance this simplicity with some fresh plants surrounding. Of course, the simple natural appearance will always make relaxed.

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