Stunning Modern Kitchen Tables with Various Materials

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To enhance a modern kitchen look, modern kitchen tables must be used as the furniture. Kitchen tables in modern style come in various forms. Unlike kitchen classic table style which usually has similar color and shape, kitchen modern table style adopts the contemporary art movement which able to be free to design furniture in any kind possible. The tables also combine some materials to aim for a stunning and unique look. We have compiled various kitchen table models in modern style, which will be useful as a reference for you.

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Wooden Modern Table

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The picture above is a perfect modern kitchen interior example, which combines various materials to aim a stunning kitchen look. The table adopts a natural look, which takes a form of an uncut wood plan with uneven edges. Meanwhile, the table legs are made using metal which gives a futuristic kitchen look through the shiny silver color. The chairs are made of plastic and have a unique design for the shape is a combination of shapes. The lighting is made of wood to match the kitchen table. This design is a combination of several materials, which has successfully used for a modern kitchen interior.

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Compared to the previous kitchen furniture interior for a modern kitchen, this table is simpler in design. It is certainly made of wood, which is cut neatly with only one table leg in the middle of the table. What make this kitchen different are the chairs, which have a unique pattern on the back. They also have iron chair legs supporting the wooden chairs.

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This design also comes in a simple design. It comes with natural wood color, soft wood brown. This color looks stunning to be combined with a dark color such as gray and black. Thus, the table is combined with kitchen chairs, which come with a black cushion for its seating and back. Since the kitchen interior becomes too simple through the minimalist colors, plants are better to be set inside the room to give a fresh green touch.

Superb Design Of The Modern Kitchen Tables With White And Black Wooden Table Added With White And Black Fabric Chairs Ideas

Various Modern Table Designs

Modern kitchen tables also can be made using other materials, not only wood. Something like marble, iron, and glass can be used to aim stunning modern kitchen look. This table, for example, is combining iron and marble for the modern table style. The table countertops are made of marble while the table leg is made of iron.

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This table design combines glass and iron. The glass is mostly used for the countertops, while the iron is used as the table leg. The transparent look the glass gives enhances a clean, neat, modern and stunning kitchen look.

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