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Stunning Living Room Area Rugs to Enhance Your Simple Interior

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If there are no living room area rugs in a living room, it feels hollow. A rug help to give a decoration touch to a living room. It is usually installed right under the living room sofa set. Choosing the rug to match the living room interior theme is the key for a good touch the rug can give. To choose the matching rug, the first thing to consider is the color of the right. Usually, it has to be on the similar color shade with the living room sofa or the dominating color of the living room, such as the color of the wall.

However, these two things are not the set to choose a stunning living room rug. There are a lot more things to be considered. To ease the choosing, you better be reading the following references on living room rug ideas below to see the real installation of the rug right inside a living room with certain design interior.

Fluffy and Furry Living Room Rug for an Elegant Touch

Living room rug made of synthetic and fluffy fur is usually used to emphasize the elegance of the room. The following references are living room interior with a rug made of fluffy synthetic fur. As you can imagine, if the rug is taken, the living room surely will look bland.

The first living room reference uses gray living room rug. As you can see in the picture, the color shade of the rug is similar to the rest of the room. The wall, the living room curtain, and the living room shelf are all in white. Meanwhile, the sofa set and the TV desk are in black. The gray color of the rug is in between white and black, which balances the color domination within the room and results in a stunning living room color shade.

Patterned Living Room Rug

The next one uses slightly beige gray living room rug. It does not differ much from the previous reference. The gray color balances the black, the white, and the gray color shades used within the room. The only difference is that the color of the rug is slightly beige which matches the shade of the wood flooring, which is in the color of wood brown. To have such strong wood brown color as the only color of the room will balance out the living room color shade. Thus, the rug is chosen to have slightly brown color shade even it is just a little.

Living room area rugs with patterns is a good choice if you want to emphasize the living room personalization. The patterned rugs will create adorable interiors. It will turn your simple room to be more awesome.

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