Stunning Glass Wall Shelves Design for and Outstanding Wall Decoration

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The most common shelves are made of wood, however now you can plan to have glass wall shelves design. Given its durability and flexibility to bend there are various wood shelves in diverse design. However, contemporary design right now is not limited by the material. Many furniture artists are getting creative with their hand to designing outstanding shelves made of stunning materials. Glass is one of those stunning materials. The see-through materials can be used to design beautiful furniture which one of them is shelves.

Astounding Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With Black Wall Added With Black Floor Ideas With White Rugs Ideas

Stunning Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With White Wall Added With Red Brown And White Shelves Ideas

Glass has strong durability as much as wood does but the sure glass is more fragile than wood. This fragility of the material makes it requires more effort in order to get more creative to design furniture using this material.

Astonishing Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With Rounded Shape Put At The White Wall With Silver Iron Holder

Amusing Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With White Wall Added With Brown Wooden Chairs And Many Shape Of The Shelves

Personally, I prefer using shelves made of glass for decoration to using wood shelves. Wood shelves are good but it doesn’t really display the decoration well enough as the material is not see-through like a glass. I will go for wood shelves to store books in large number and glass shelves to display decoration.

Simple Shaped Shelves Made of Glass

Fantastic Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With So Many Shelvs Put At The White Wall With So Many Stuffs On It

It is really suggested strongly to use glass wall shelves design to put not-so-heavy things. Shelves made of glass are certainly strong but some are just simply designed by pinned up to the wall to display small things such as souvenir statue or framed photos.

Amazing Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves Ideas With White Wall Added With Unique Shape Ideas For The Living Room Areas

This wavy shaped rectangle shape is for example not to be used for something heavy. The design is nice to display tiny and petite things. Of course, you will not miss it. This recommended wall shelves can be outstanding preference. Look at the wall appearance, so beautiful.

Superb Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With Silver Iron Holder Shelves Put On The White Wall Ideas

A simple design which just goes with flat board glass pinned to the wall is also suitable to decorate the room. It also can be used to place something more than just a decoration. For example are a tissue box and a phone.

Marvelous Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With Grey Shelves Ideas Added With Some Books And Other Stuff

The next one will be the simplest design here. It is only in the shape of folded rectangle with one side as the storage and the other pinned to the wall.

Boxed Glass Shelves

Adorable Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With White Wall Added With Black Iron Frame Cubic Shape Ideas

The shape of a box certainly will be the center attention of the room. This kind of design is suitable for special things to be displayed. Many ornaments and stuff will not only be displayed there. It will make your wall more interesting. Of course, choosing the right ornaments will be valuable.

Awesome Design Of The Glass Wall Shelves With Grey Floor Added With Black Leather Seat Ideas With Beige Wall Ideas

The second box-shaped shelves are more conventional. It is pinned sideways horizontally instead of vertically like the first design. This one is more suitable to display some books, the light ones. A potted plant or souvenir will be nice to fill the space. Some trophies will also be a nice decoration. Only if they are light weighted, these ideas are for you.

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