Stunning Bathroom Paint Ideas for Versatile Interior Tastes

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Deciding one between various bathroom paint ideas is certainly not easy. Especially, you have versatile and various tastes for bathroom design interior. Before deciding what colors you have to choose, you have to decide what kind of style you will apply to your bathroom. It is because an interior style has its own colors to match the style. For example, minimalist modern interior usually goes with white color while classic interior goes with rich colors such as the combination of red and brown. Meanwhile, a contemporary interior style has versatile colors because it depends on what kind of theme and design a contemporary room theme employs. If you have decided what kind of bathroom interior style for your bathroom, you are ready to choose the colors.

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Fresh and Simple Pastel Colors Bathroom

Pastel colors usually used as a replacement of their stronger colors to tone down the personality it can give to a room. Pastel colors have lighter shades than their initial colors so it can maintain the simplicity of a room interior. While it can maintain the simplicity, pastel colors are still able to give personality touch to a room interior.

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This bathroom uses pastel Tosca to dominate the wall color. Tosca is the borderline between blue and green so it gives a fresh touch from green nature and the sea. A touch of a potted plant for real fresh decoration is also good for this bathroom interior style. Combining the pastel Tosca with white color makes a good combination which able the bathroom to maintain its simple yet modern bathroom look.

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Bright Bathroom Colors

The next bathroom paint colors also used Tosca and white. The slightly paler Tosca is used as the bathroom flooring color while the bathtub has the stronger Tosca shade. The bathroom also goes with various shades of Tosca tiles for the bathtub tiles and shower room tiles, which add more personalities as the room is mostly dominated by white color.

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This bathroom interior style employs green color shades as the dominating bathroom paint colors. The wall applies dark grey-green, while the rest of bathroom decoration uses various shades of green. It can be seen from the towels, the shower curtain, and even the potted plants that this bathroom interior employs various shades of green color.

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When you prefer adding personalities to your bathroom, using bathroom paint ideas with strong bright colors is the way.

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