Stone Fireplace Mantels Collaborated with Minimalist Decoration

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The concept of indoor fireplace looks so magnificent when stone fireplace mantels are applied as main decoration. You may also add other ornaments on the fireplace. However, the fireplace mantels must look more magnificent for the interior. Don’t you think the same as I do? Now, you must deal with another chance to decorate the fireplace. Are you into it?

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Match the Right Fireplace Mantel Based on Its Type

Before talking about the fireplace mantel decoration, you may need to know kinds of fireplace mantel first. For a small house, you really need to know the authentic stones for the mantel. You can apply red chalk stone. This kind of fireplace mantel design fits interior with white color domination. Yet, a fireplace cover is placed covering the pit area. Made of steel material, it makes the cover is proof from the heat of the fire. This is very amusing, right?

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Granite stone is also very authentic applied as the main mantel for the fireplace. This kind of fireplace mantel is optimized with wooden shelves above it. Sometimes, people are also adding a steel fork because of the mantel domination. Since the mantel is installed in level style, the precision of stone must be well-maintained. The interior decoration also looks so astonishing when the fireplace pit is designed in smaller size. It can really enhance the obvious reflection on fireplace area. In a glance, the classy appearance must be seen perfectly when this fireplace is well-installed.

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Fireplace Mantel Decoration for Supporting Your Interiors

Since the fireplace is just the supportive part of living room, you must also deal with other furnishings. Lounge sofa with footrest is considered as the perfect furniture for the fireplace area. Yet, the installation of other furnishings, such as a small stand or small coffee table must suit the interior perfectly. People may also add an electronic device on the mantel. Replacing the function of television storage, the panel on mantel supports the television perfectly. This style is very eclectic for mantel decoration, isn’t it?

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Fireplace area is better not too well-decorated, this statement is stated by almost all interior designers. The shelves are provided to enhance the appearance of stone fireplace mantels. Yet, when the fireplace pit is covered with glass panel, it embraces other elements on the decoration. Here, you had better apply the suitable decoration. What is it? It all deals with minimalist decoration. Therefore, the appearance or decoration of fireplace mantel is completely magnificent with minimalist decoration.

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