Stacked Stone Backsplash Combination for Modern Kitchen Interior

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Remodeling kitchen by adding stacked stone backsplash to the interior is a good idea. Not only it protects the wall surface it adds the very accent and change the whole interior. This is because backsplash can be the main attention of the room as it is dominating the kitchen’s wall surface. These various references will show you the beautiful combination backsplash with kitchen design interior matching with the kitchen cabinet choices.

Fantastic Stacked Stone Backsplash with Grey Color Ideas Added with Black Iron Stove and Brown Wooden Cabinets Ideas

stacked stone backsplash kitchen

Modern Backsplash Design through Bold Combination

[caption id="attachment_9584" align="alignnone" width="1000"]stacked stone backsplash ideas stacked stone backsplash ideas

Aiming for modern kitchen surely needs to combine the modern design of backsplash with modern kitchen interior. This is done by the cabinet choices in color and pattern. The backsplash itself is tiny tiles in various brown colors arranged as if it is a mosaic. The modern kitchen is felt more through the choice of the dark brown cabinet with white patterned shiny marble finishing on the top. The last modern touch is metallic of stainless applied through the material for shelves, sink, kitchen utensils, drops light, etc.

Superb Stacked Stone Backsplash with Black Marble Desk Added with Silver Stove and Black Wooden Cabinets

Adorable Stacked Stone Backsplash for Kitchen Areas Added with Wall Mounted Lamp and Brown Wooden Cabinets

The second kitchen design approach on the modern interior is still the same with the first one its metallic use applied through fridge; microwave, kitchen bars chairs, and sinks. This design combines dark brown wood cabinet with gray finishing. The stacked stone backsplash itself is in the color of beige and gray installed on the wall randomly without considering forming any pattern using the different color of the stones.

Amusing Stacked Stone Backsplash for Bathroom Areas Added with Wall Mounted Lamp and White Sink Ideas

Awesome Stacked Stone Backsplash with Black Sink Added with Brown Wooden Cabinets for Kitchen Areas

Classic Modern Kitchen Interior

To aim for modern kitchen with a classic touch, the secret is to play with brown colors combination. The modern touch, however, is always focused on the kitchen furniture design.

Amazing Stacked Stone Backsplash with White Wooden Cabinets Added with Brown Wooden Kitchen Island Ideas

The first design emphasizes the classic through milky soft brown and wood brown color. Soft brown is applied in the kitchen dining table chairs, marble finishing of the cabinet and stone backsplash. Meanwhile, the wood brown color is applied to the flooring and cabinet.

Astonishing Stacked Stone Backsplash with Silver Sink Added with Brown Wooden Cabinets for Kitchen Areas

While the first design plays with two-color combination dominating the same portion of the kitchen, this design is dominated by soft brown color. The backsplash, the cabinet, the flooring are the same shade of soft brown. The only thing that blatantly looks different is the dining table chairs and the chandelier.

Elegant Stacked Stone Backsplash for Kitchen Areas Added with Black Sink and White Brown Wooden Cabinets

The last design has more classic in its interior. The stone is placed separately as it is a fireplace surrounded by gray and the soft brown combination of the stone backsplash. The classic kitchen touch is emphasized through the choice in a chandelier design.

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