Stack Stone Fireplace Textures Bringing Different Look for a Room

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There are different approaches to stack stone fireplace application to match your room interior. A fireplace is a nice touch to a room whether it all functional or a mere decoration. What makes a fireplace very different is the stacked stone used for the decoration. The traditional one has big stones stacked since that is what available within the time. However, as for the present, there are various designs of it to match the room interior. Here are some references of it complete with the application in various room interior themes.

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Textured Stone Fireplace

Using stone fireplace, which has rough texture, will bring the exquisite fireplace look. After all, a fireplace is used as a decoration to a room whether it is functional or not. Thus, to make it the center attention of the room might as well use the outstanding design, which differentiates the fireplace to the surrounding.

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The rough fireplace texture comes from the stone itself. However, it mainly comes from the installment of the stones. The stones have different sizes. Thus, when they are put on a wall, it makes a rough texture to the fireplace surface. This rough texture is what makes the fireplace stood out more than the rest of the room. However, if you don’t want an extreme difference you might combine a similar color tone for the surrounding wall matching the fireplace stone.

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The first design has a sharp corner on the stone while the second rather has rounded edges. This will bring different result after the stones are set up together. The first one certainly looks more artificial compared to this second design. The rounded edges make the fireplace made of natural stacked stones without anything glued them together.

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Being different from the two previous stones, this fireplace uses big and asymmetric stacked stone. Although, the stones are asymmetric they are still able to fit and put together on the fireplace wall. This one is a perfect choice if you prefer a rough look for your fireplace. Surely, this one suits to a big fireplace because the stones are big which makes them quite unmatchable for a small fireplace like the previous ones.

Smooth Fireplace Stone Texture

The smooth texture of stack stone fireplace is suitable for you who prefer your fireplace to blend with the room. This one is surely made for low-key fireplace decoration.

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To make a low-key fireplace, choose a stone with the same size so it will not form rough texture once the stone is put on. The second step is choosing the right color to blend with the room interior. If the room is dominated with white color, try to choose a beige or ivory white for the fireplace stones.

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