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Splendid Modern Dining Room on Elegant and Minimalist Interior

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Classic interior combined in the modern dining room has been surpassed by the modern contemporary interior. The simplicity in modern interior design has become the reason why the modern interior is chosen over the classic. The simplicity it can offer in enjoying a meal through the whole interior is preferable over furniture with complicated style and pattern in classic style. Unlike classic, modern contemporary has more options that are diverse. It is available to mix and match the style through the room arrangement. The following references have gathered on the modern style of dining room. It will show you many things that you can do with going for dining room contemporary style.

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Pursuing Elegance in Dining Room Interior

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Going for elegant dining room can be aimed through the choice of color soft brown. The color is applied for the most part of the room, which is a curtain, flooring, ceiling, wall, and even the dining table and dining chairs. The other most essential for the elegance is the choice of lighting. The room has several small lights on the ceiling in yellow lights. The chandelier set right on the top of the dining table also has the same color of light. To make more variation since the same color is dominated the entire room, red tulips in two flowers vases are the decoration placed on top of the table as dining room furniture decoration. The head of the chandelier lamps is also in the same color of the tulips.

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The second design is simpler and more moderate in elegance. It is the combination of elegance and minimalist adapted into a dining room. The color dominating the room will be soft brown but different from the first design the shade is softer and lighter. The colors are also in different shades for each application. For example, the wall is painted in pastel greenish brown color while the floor is wooden flooring in soft wood color. Meanwhile, the curtain is beige, the same color with the dining chairs.

Minimalist Style through White Dining Table

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The minimalist dining table is another choice in modern dining room. It is easier to pursue through the application of white color. The white color will dominate the room. Chandelier, curtain, windows frames, cabinet, drawers, and furniture placed in the dining room are all in white. The flooring, however, is slightly different color; it is pale brown wooden flooring. What keeping the color balance in the room is the dining room table set, which comes with table and chairs in black color.

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