Special Bathroom Storage Ideas for Saving Solution Narrow Space

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Welcome to our page, this time we will talk about bathroom storage ideas and designs. The narrow space cause craziness for architect due to a limited interior can be applied to this room. It is quite hard to decide which furniture has a maximum function, so we show some storage for making the room look larger. The bath appliances can be put on the shelves. Absolutely, the room has larger space.

Hanging Shelves Styles

The function of the shelves and storage in this room is giving a space for accessory to increase bathroom appearance. Look at the pictures, the wooden small storages are adhering the wall. The flowers and accessories can be put in these storages. Move to another bathroom decoration, there the storage and wall are in the same color. The soft gray storage adhered on the gray board. Similarly, a white storage is matching to the wall.

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The next bathroom storage ideas would be the web hanging storage. There are many colors of this kind of storage models. You can choose your favorite color for suiting the room decoration. This simple storage is transparent, so you can find what you want easily from 360degrees.

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For designing a modern bathroom concept, a picture below depicts a good example. The white storage in this room is designed with white glossy door and glass drawers. It is hanged on the wall in the corner of the bathroom. It will not spend much space.

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Standing Cabinets Models

Standing storage is trusted as a place for keeping many items. Even, it would be more safety because this storage has a door in each drawer like the picture above. The black cabinet with brown countertop stands under the mirrors. On the countertop, there are white bowl sinks and faucets. The bigger drawer can be seen through the next picture. A cabinet with 2m height stands in the corner of the room. The biggest drawer is the bottom. You can put 5 big towels inside the drawer. However, a wooden cabinet wins people heart, even, a cabinet that is designed like a picture below. A high wooden cabinet has no door in the top. It locks the door in the bottom.

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How to maximize the interior in the very small bathroom? You can add the cabinet over the toilet. The drawers are created next to the wall, so it will not distract the people. This cabinet can keep the magazine and tissue toilet which are needed when you are inside this room.

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