Space Saving Beds: Stunning Models That Boost Small Place

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If you are currently looking for ways to save space in your bedroom, you certainly need to look at these space saving beds. If you use this bed instead of the general bed, the space in your room will be saved drastically. Feel the change by trying to apply one in your own bedroom. Thus, you need to look at various space saving bed models to decide what kind of bed is suitable for you. Surely, you need to consider your own comfort and the bedroom interior itself.

Double Beds in Bunk Beds

The following references are bunk beds used as two-person beds. Thus, the bedroom is for two people.

The bunk beds combine storage, which consists of drawers, shelves, and cabinets. The bunk beds are not designed vertically lined up so it leaves some space for the bottom bunk from the upper one. The space right under the upper bunk is used as bedroom storage furniture while right beside it is a ladder to climb to the upper bunk. The studying desks are also designed minimalistic as it fits right in the corner of the bed bunk.

This design also is not vertically lined up the bunk beds. This design is not as compact as the previous one because as you can see, there are some empty spaces and corners beside the bottom bunk. However, it also gives some sort of spacious feel when there are some spaces left empty. The stairs to the upper bunk also function as drawers on each of its steps. There are also drawers beside the bottom bunk and under it.

This design adapts the bunk beds. The corner of the room is built a space where it only consists of the bunk beds and the stairs accessing to the upper one. This design is suitable for you who prefer clean look in your bedroom. There is no kind of storage inside this corner which exactly what makes it brings a clean and neat bedroom look.

Collaborative Bunk Bed for Single Person

The following space saving beds designs adapt the principle of bunk beds, which changes one of the bunks into something else.

This design, for example, uses the bottom bunk as a sofa to read books. On the upper bed, the wall is installed with some sort of shelf, which is different from the upper bunk. Since the bunk beds are not designed to line right up, the space under the upper bunk is used as a cabinet.

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