Smart Basement Flooring Ideas: finish Your Interiors Carefully

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The options for smart basement flooring ideas are undeniably extremely broad. They can be ranged from ceramic tile, laminate flooring, engineered wood, rubber, or even ones with moisture resistant features, as well as other more interesting alternatives. In addition, in fact, selecting the right flooring to your basement design can be somewhat hard to do.

Flooring for Basement

Basement is typically susceptible to moisture and cold, therefore you need a careful decision in choosing the right flooring. However, don’t worry! There is always good news when we’re talking about applying flooring ideas to your basement. The reason is that you can use any type of flooring for installing this kind of bellow-grade basement. Moreover, most properly installed floorings are able to withstand damp conditions and high humidity.

However, that also doesn’t mean basements are problem-free. Still, moisture will lurk. For example, concrete basement slab tends to be porous and incline to moisture. Water also will vapor migrating up through the slab. Therefore, you have to assure that you’re not creating a shelter for mold and mildew growing beneath your basement flooring.

To solve the problem, you may try to install a vapor barrier underneath the flooring. Some options are available like sheet plastic, seal the slab by using paint or epoxy coating designed specifically for damp concrete walls and floors. Another method can be raising the floor by employing a water-resistant subfloor made from interlocking plastic tiles, which are raised on grids.

What Are the Best Options?

Concrete, wood, tiles, carpet, laminate, cork and rubber are considered as the most popular types of basement flooring ideas.

Some other interesting choices can be in form of epoxy floor coatings. This type is ideal for hard surface flooring. They are available in various colors, highly water-resistant, and easy to apply. The second idea can be in ceramic tiles. This type is a common designer’s choice and available in countless color and styles options. They will not be affected by moisture and able to go well directly over concrete, which has features of smooth and free of cracks.

You may also consider vinyl tile and sheet flooring. These types are able to work well directly on prepared concrete and stand such a minor flooding without unpleasant effect. Resistant vinyl will offer kind of cushioning underfoot and objectively low-cost. As to higher-cost vinyl, it will perform very well by imitating ceramic tile, real stone, or even wood materials. If you wish for more warmth and beauty of real wood featured with stability and moisture resilience features, engineered wood flooring in laminate construction will be the best answer.

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