Smart Basement Bar Ideas To Feel Like in Real Bars

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Now, you can follow the basement bar ideas in here. Do you expect a basement bar in your house? Yeah, a mini bar can be used to invite your guests or friends to enjoy conversation with you in the house. Here you are.

How To Create Rustic Style Mini Bar

You know very well that rustic concept always using rustic wood or unfinished stone to be the main identity of the concept. Build a mini bar in your house that connects to the billiard playing room. After you enjoy playing a billiard, you can invite your friends to this comfortable rustic mini bar. Create your mini bar covered by the rustic unfinished stone on the wall and use the wood counter as well as the chairs. Put the drink on the floating shelves on the rustic wall. Hang some classic pendant lamps with transparent glass shade to emphasize the rustic nuance.

Amusing Design Of The White Kitchen Bar Ideas With Hanging Lamp And Wooden Stools Ideas As The Basement Bar Ideas

For you who want to separate the basement bar with the main building of your house, you can follow these basement bar ideas. Put the bar in the different room. Emphasize the rustic style with using rustic construction for the wall and the ceiling. You can build the construction with unfinished stall and wood ceiling. You can create a great bar with put huge shelves and cabinets that can display your drink.

Marvelous Design Of The Basement Bar Ideas With Brown Wooden Floor And Black Cabinets Ideas

You can provide a living room sofa as well to respect your guests and friends. Make them comfortable as they are in the private room to enjoy the close conversation. Support the rustic style with the classic pendant lampshades.

Astounding Design Of The Brown Wooden Kitchen Bar And Stools Ideas As The Basement Bar Ideas

For you who just have small space room, you can connect the mini bar with your living room. Separate the function of mini bar room and living room with the mini bar counter as the partition. You can invite your guest to pick their favorite drink with this style of rustic mini bar.

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Amazing Design Of The Brown Wooden Stools Ideas With White Basement Bar Ideas

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How To Design Modern Mini Bar

You can create a modern style of your mini bar that is connected with the living room. Use the modern material for construct it. luxurious wood that is covered by granite countertop will be good to support the modern concept.

Astonishing Design Of The Black Wooden Cabinets And White Rugs As The Basement Bar Ideas

You can hang the drink on the large shelves to show the precious mini bar. Build the mini bar with wood domination. You can get precious scenery from the living room spot. Put a wood door as the partition that emphasizes the function of the mini bar with the other room.

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