Small Pool Designs: Best Ideas for Cramped Backyard Space

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Let’s take a look at these small pool designs compilation we have gathered. Having a private pool in your backyard must require lots of space. Who said? Even with little space, you can still make a pool out of it. The important question, though, how must it be designed to be able to create a pool in small space yet it is still comfortable to be dipped in?

Beauty Small Pool Designs with Patio Added with Beige Fabric Sofa and Black Iron Table Ideas

Adorable Small Pool Designs with Brown Wooden Pool Side Added with Brown Wooden Fences and Rock Tile

Stunning Small Pool Designs with Circle Shape Surround with Brown Wooden Fences Ideas

Long Rectangle Shaped Pool

Amusing Small Pool Designs with Unpermanent Pool Added with Brown Wooden Railing Ideas

No need for difficult design, a simple rectangle shaped pool can take place in small space. Have it fit into the small space you have in your backyard by not making it fit right into the corner of the backyard fence. The pool must have designed titled so there will be some space left in the corner of the backyard. This is done in order to clean the pool easily.

Marvelous Small Pool Designs with Two Part of Pool Added with Brown Wooden Canopy

If your backyard is so small even any designs won’t fit let’s just go with long and thin pool. The pool will only fit one person to swim but it is better than having none. Actually, this design resembles of a pond but surely for a cramped and small space in the backyard this much large fish pond doesn’t suit. Around the pool is some space for planting flowers and backyard lamps.

Fantastic Small Pool Designs with Circle Shape Pool Added with Brown Wooden Pool Side Ideas and White Chairs

Amazing Small Pool Designs with Rock Tile Pool Side Added with Grey Chairs Furniture Ideas

The next design goes for comfort, the space in the backyard won’t be made fully for the large pool but some are left for outdoor table set and plants. This way the backyard won’t be a plain pool to dip.

Circle Shaped Pool: Unique and Interesting

For approach in style, small pool designs will go with a combination of several circles. This kind shape is suitable for moderate backyard space. No wide space required but certainly, it needs more space than the first.

Superb Small Pool Designs with Furnished Mapple Wooden Floor as The Pool Side Ideas with Black Iron Railing

The first design doesn’t emphasize on privacy as the fence can be seen through from outside. Thus it is made to have higher landscape around the fence for planting plants like flowers for green touch in the backyard.

Elegant Small Pool Designs with Single Long Chair Added with Wooden Pool Side and A Flower Pot

The second design is inspired by the shape of a well’s mouth. The pool has this well’s mouth design in a high position. The design left some space around the pool wide enough to place a bench and plant some flowers decoration.

Astonishing Small Pool Designs with Children Playground Also Brown Wooden Railings and a Canopy

The last design goes for more natural round shape. Around the pool is made of creek stone for nature approach. This way the pool resembles a hot spring like in Japan. So, which ideas do you prefer to plan in your next backyard decorations?

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