Small Pedestal Sink Installed for Saving Bathroom Space

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Having a small pedestal sink installed instead of a vanity sink is a wise decision if you want to save more spaces of your bathroom. Unlike a vanity sink, a pedestal sink does not have storage. That is exactly why it saves more space than a vanity sink. However, you are hesitant to choose using a pedestal sink instead of a vanity sink. Why? You also need bathroom storage furniture; there are many ways to install furniture for storage within the room. For example, you can install a bathroom shelf or bathroom cabinet over the toilet. This also applies for above the bathtub of inside the shower room.

Having bathroom storage furniture inside a shower room certainly is not that clever idea. However, you can still install a bathroom shelf for wet use such as to store the currently use toiletries. You can also use a box, which has a mirror to replace the mirror above the vanity. It certainly cannot store much but it still can store things such as face wash soaps, shaving creams, and razors.

Long Pedestal Sink

This design has simple pedestal shape with pure clean white color for the pedestal and the sink. To give an elegant and minimalist bathroom touch, the taps are chosen in black color. There are three taps in the sink, one for the water, one for the cold-water switch, and one is for hot water switch.

This one is my favorite small pedestal sink design. The pedestal is designed in a slim and curvy shape with round shape for the sink above. There are not two parts of this design like the rest of pedestal sink because this design combines the pedestal and the sink into one. The tap is also in the form of a long black metallic pole, which seems like it is a water source sprouting from the ground.

Pedestal Sink with Storage

If no matter what you can let go your attachment for storage in a vanity sink, you should choose this pedestal sink design. The pedestal has storage with two ways doors. It looks just like a cabinet placed under a sink.
The Pedestal sink has various designs. Although the design always emphasizes the slim figure if the pedestal itself, it can be designed in various ways. We have compiled various pedestal sink designs for you to choose as a sink to save your bathroom space.

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