Small Master Bedroom Ideas for Fitting in Cramped Space

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Home lovers, the small master bedroom ideas will surely help you to choose and arrange furniture inside the bedroom. A house can have several bedrooms inside. A master bedroom, however, is the main one, which is usually used by the owner of the house. It is also sometimes used for guest to show some hospitality to them. Master bedroom as the main one usually has wide room. Here comes the problem when the space for the master bedroom is not that wide so what should we do? Some furniture arrangement trick will do.

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Simple Master Bedroom

To save the small space, let’s go with basic furniture only inside the room. Just put the essential furniture in the room.

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The two bedside tables, a bed, and a small chair are the essential of this design. Bedside tables are placed at the two sides of the bed with a chair at the end of the bed. Because the limited space, the arrangement can’t do that much. As to why the last thing we can do is going for the color decoration. The wall is painted in violet blue. To neutralize the strong color, the bed is in white with flowing in beige color.

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The design for the second of small master bedroom ideas is going with lighter color shades. The wall is painted in light gray with windows and doors are in white. The bedroom is white with the sheets color choice is beige. The other furniture inside the bedroom is bedside table as the basic essential furniture, a table set consists of two chairs, and a table placed near the window.

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Collaborate Master Bedroom

This time goes with simpler colors combination. Light white pastel colors are combined in each part of the bedroom. The only different thing is the two bedside tables, which are in wood colors. This way the color balance of the room will not be disturbed, as it will become too bright if everything is in white color.

This one is suitable for a bigger room, unlike the first section, which is especially recommended for very limited space. Besides the essential bed and bedside table, several chairs and tables are fit to the room. The design goes for a modern low-key classic. It is expressed through the wooden ceiling choice and brown color shades for the room.

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