Small Living Room: Selecting and Arranging Furniture

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The small living room does not mean that it is the end of the world. Even, there is an increasing trend for having such a small-spaced living room, more especially in today’s urban style home living. Moreover, some say that smaller living room feels more pleasant, welcoming, inviting and comfortable compared to larger one. Of course, you will deal with the somewhat tiny challenge, such as in selecting and arranging furniture pieces in this interior.

Floor Plans – Knowing Your Themes

Whether in larger or smaller residential settings, a living room has its truly significant role. It is an important space where you can spend your time with your family members together. This is the place where you will spend most of your time with friends or guests. Choosing and arranging furniture can be one of the essential keys in furnishing and decorating your smaller living room.

Adorable Design Of The Small Living Room Areas With Double Fabric Seat And Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

After deciding how much space in the living room you are going to spare for furniture, you may choose your interior design themes regarding furniture pieces. Modern and contemporary fixtures are characterized by sleek, clean lines. They are also finished in splashes of white, beige, or other neutral hues, as well as glass, metal and shiny black lacquer accents. Traditional furniture is inherently graceful, little more formal in nature, and having signature details like rolled arms or skirted bottoms. For friendly and cozy look, you may choose for casual furniture ideas. There is also an option of Old World furniture, which combines varied styles from French, Spanish, and Italian designs, which can be found in many charming rustic and antique pieces.

Amazing Design Of The Small Living Room With Whit Floor Added With L Shape White Sofa And Black And White Rugs

Astounding Design Of The Small Living Room With L Shape White Sofa Added With Black Rugs And White Wall

Varied Furniture Configurations

For small living room interior décor design idea, you may try out different configurations that showing the particular focal point. You may perform some combinations by selecting and organizing a series of furniture pieces like a sofa, a couple or armchairs, a coffee table, and perhaps a sectional for some cases.

Astonishing Design Of The Small Living Room With White Wall Added With White Sofa And White Cabinets

Elegant Small Living Room With L Shape Beige Fabric Sofa Added With White Wall And White Table Ideas

The first idea can be by arranging all the seating units facing a focal point you have determined before – that can be pretty much of anything, such as a fireplace, a painting, a TV, a bookcase, etc.

Astounding Design Of The Small Living Room With Brown Wooden Floor And White And Pink Stripes Sofa

You may also accentuate the conversation area. It means that you have to arrange the furniture in such a way that enables people to walk around and face each other while they are sitting. For example, you can group sofas and chairs together to create such an increasingly easier interaction.

Superb Design Of The Small Living Room With Grey Fabric Sofa Added With White Cabinets And TV Place Ideas

When you wish for visually balanced and harmonious living room, it is better to consider how your furniture arrangement will have the effect to the entire décor. This can be seen from an instance when you put a sofa on one side of the room, thus you may place two armchairs across from it for establishing balance.

Stunning Design Of The Small Living Room With L Shape Sofa Added With Brown Wooden Floor Also Beige Wall

Fantastic Design Of The Small Living Room With Red Maroon Sofa Added With White Cabinets Ideas

Marvelous Design Of The Small Living Room With Brown Wooden Table Added With White Fabric Sofa Ideas

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