Rustic White Canopy Bed Design Combining Traditional and Contemporary

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Talking about the white canopy bed, we will think about the rustic style. Previously, have you known how this kind of bed existed? The history of canopy bed is used more for its function rather than it is as a decoration. Noblemen in medieval Europe for keeping the warmth and privacy used canopy bed. They wanted their privacy as they usually have attendants slept in the same room. It was also some sort of manner for the house cleaner to come back and forth to the bedroom to take care of their master needs such as light the candle and serving some drinks. In short, canopy beds were used for noblemen. The use was somewhat understated; the art applied in canopy bed was more popular.

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Nowadays, we can divide the canopy beds into two categories, traditional and contemporary. The traditional ones have European Victorian aesthetic with typical decoration such as carved wood and metal rod frames. While contemporary ones employ simpler design, usually the applied contemporary one.

Victorian Contemporary Canopy Bed Designs

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Traditional canopy bed usually made of wooden with it typical brown colors. However, what is about combining Victorian aesthetic with the simplicity of contemporary design? This results in a white canopy bed with Victorian design. The canopy is made of wood but it is colored in white. The drops for the bed used lace material to emphasize the aesthetic rather than its function to maintain privacy. For the alternative, to maintain both privacy and aesthetic silk material can also be used. Like how any canopy would be, the bed has a sort of a bench placed upfront.

Simplicity in Contemporary

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The canopy in contemporary design would be plain poles painted in white. As white is a natural color than can be easily combined with any colors, the design of the room combines it with the red shades ranges from maroon to pastel pink. The rug in the floor is in maroon colors, bed sheet is pink flowers patterned, with some of the cushion covered in similar pattern and solid colors of pink. The drops for the canopy can go with white color if calmer nuance is preferable. The alternative color would be soft pastel pink to emphasize the colorfulness of the room while still maintaining the calming nuance.

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As iron frames are more familiar with traditional canopy bed design, it can also be applied contemporarily. White canopy bed this time is made of iron, simply carved without any complicated pattern like how a traditional canopy bed would.

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