Rod Iron Beds Applied for Popular Antique Bedroom Decors

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Many people who live in suburbs area now try to apply rod iron beds as the main bed platform model. This trend is triggered by the film eat, pray, love that shows the combination of rod iron and the authentic interior is very magnificent. Now, this furniture set is one of the most important things to apply on the bedroom. All right, we had better looked at the following pictures instead of discussing it by ourselves.

Astonishing Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With White Bed And Seat In Front Of The Bed Added With White Wall And White Floor Ideas

Adorable Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Black Color With Classic Style Added With Grey Bed And White Rugs

Installation of Rod Bed

Almost similar to other bed models, the rods of the bed are applied in the middle of the room. Yet, the nightstand beside the bed is used to place desk lamp and frame of family photos. You must also realize that the headboard is the unique one. All right, this part is the perfect one because the material is polished with steel polish. Yet, several models of the headboard are designed in ornamental concept. You must also see that the headboard looks so magnificent. Talking about the model of the headboard, the classic model is the popular one.

Amazing Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With White Bed And Black Bones Added With Grey Rugs And Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

Amusing Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Grey Bed Ideas Added With Black Bones With Lovely Design For Bedroom Areas

When dealing with minimalist bedroom, a combination between blue color and white color is the best one. You can apply the rod iron beds designed with the hanging panel. Furthermore, the installation of chesterfield chair really looks so lavish placed against the main bed platform. Talking about the model of bed rod, it can be used to install the mosquito net. This kind of bed design is completely authentic, right. The window is not installed perfectly facing the bed area. This aims to reduce the sunlight to get inside the room. You must have known the reason, right.

Lovely Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Black Bones Added With Floral Motives Bed Cover Ideas With White Rugs

Awesome Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Pink Curtain Ideas Added With White Silver Bones Bed And White Cabinets

Decoration of Rod Bed

Talking about the decoration of bedroom with the bed rods, you must really enjoy the concept of the furnishings. Starting from the bed cover, it is perfectly soft made of silk material. This kind of bed cover is usually applied for the bedroom of the mansion. However, you can also apply it on the vintage bedroom. Next, the cover of pillows is designed in floral concept. With such model, the interior furniture becomes more magnificent. You must enjoy the feeling in optimizing the bedroom because the decoration is completely lavish.

Superb Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Black Iron Bed Bones Added With White Bed And White Curtain Ideas

Elegant Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With White Bed And Black Iron Bed Bones Ideas Added With White Wall And Floor Ideas

Sometimes, when the interior is painted in white color, the classic model of bedroom furnishings is the best one. Moreover, the desk lamp is completely lavish. You must not realize that the bedroom is equipped with antique furnishings, must you? This kind of decoration is the best for the vintage bedroom and other bedrooms with rod bed. Therefore, the rod bed has become the most popular bed platform among suburbs people.

Marvelous Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Black Iron Bones Ideas Added With Brown Wooden Side Table And White Sofa

Stunning Design Of The Rod Iron Beds With Green Bed And Green Rugs Ideas Added With White Curtain Ideas

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