Right Coffee Table Height for a Stunning Room Interior

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The right coffee table height will influence a room design interior. That is why you better considering the height of a coffee table before deciding it to be the room furniture piece. Aside from the room interior, which has to be considered, the sofa or chair, which will be matched with the coffee table, has to be considered too? The consideration comes in various aspects. The first basic thing is the color. The nest is the height of the seating. With these two basic considerations, matching a coffee table will be much easier.

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Low Coffee Table

Coffee table in low height is suitable to be matched with low seating sofa. It is done in order to not have the table became a hindrance of the view since the seating is low.

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The low coffee table can be seen in the picture above. The coffee table height is at the same height with the sofa seating. The style and color combination is also well matched. The soft brown sofa is a good match for a dark brown coffee table. The color might be more into classic style but the sofa and the coffee table shape maintain a modern look to the room interior.

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The next coffee table is not suited with a sofa but a chair. The black color is a good match with a chair with white and brown colors combination. To match the dark color of the coffee table, a lighter brown color is best to be applied as a carpet of the room.

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The next one has a unique design. The shape is exactly like a treasure chest. Since it is literally a treasure chest coffee table, it has low height. Thus, it will be a good match to be used alongside a big cushion chairs.

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Slightly Tall Coffee Table

Coffee table with tall height is usually not used alongside with a sofa or a chair. Meanwhile, it is commonly used as room decoration furniture, which is specially placed as decoration storage such as flowers vase or photo frames.

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Since it is used as decoration furniture, stunning and elegant furniture is better to be used. For example, this coffee table which is made of transparent acrylic. The transparent look enhances an exquisite display for the room decoration while it is a strong and durable material to withhold various decoration pieces.

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