Proper DIY Computer Desk to Match Your Occupation Use

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Why should you buy a desk for your computer when you can get a DIY computer desk? People usually buy a desk solely for the purpose to place their computer. Actually, any kind of desks will do. It does not have to be computer desk. Furthermore, a computer desk usually comes in default shape, which makes it difficult when your job or occupation requires unique working space around your computer to finish your job. That is why making your own computer desk is better than buying. Not only you can adjust the shape to your own convenience, you can style and decorate it to your liking.

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Purposive Computer Desk

This section will exclusively be dedicated to computer desk style for certain occupation. Making a computer according to your daily use will ease your job to be finished efficiently.

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The first desk is a computer desk for music composer. This desk is for a person who has a job involving composing or arranging music. Thus, more space to place the music hardware is needed within the desk. It does not consist of keyboard space and monitor space. It can be seen from the picture above, the desk has many spaces to store the hardware.

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This desk is used when your occupation needs a wider view of things in your computer monitors. The monitors are not placed on the desk but installed by nailing them on the wall.

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The next computer desk is a working space combining the piano into a working desk. The lid covering the piano tiles have been replaced with transparent acrylics for a stunning working space look. The space above the tuts can be used to place several books, while the middle space is for placing the laptop. The top compartment also can be used as a bookshelf and to store a printer. For a comfortable work, a working chair with adjustable back and height with soft cushion is better to be used.

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Default Computer Desk

The next purposive computer desk is for someone who has a job, which requires him or her to draw. It can be an artist or an architect. That is why sliding desk plank is needed beside the desk for the monitor. This can be done easily by combining two identical desks, which have drawers. The desk used for the computer monitor can be used to store the computer keyboard while the other one can be used to store drawing tools. As you can see from the picture, this is the easiest DIY computer desk to make compared to the rest because this one emphasizes the function, not the design. Surely, you can enhance the look by decorating it to your own liking.

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The default computer desk comes in default compartment. It usually consists of keyboard drawer, monitor space, and CPU cabinet.

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