Organized Wall Mount Bookshelf for More Room Space Available

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Unlike a regular shelf cupboard, wall mount bookshelf saves more spaces. Having large regular shelf cupboard, which stands to the floor, is eating away the room space. Meanwhile, wall mount shelf doesn’t only save space it also can be a good room decoration. This is because it can be installed anywhere as long as there is empty wall space. Below are the various designs of wall mounted shelf.

Simple Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With Brown Wooden Materials Added With White Wall And Some Drawers And Bookcase Ideas

Wood Frame Shelf

Wood never goes wrong with any furniture. It is the best material to make any furniture. Wood is flexible so there are various designs can be made. The first design is a small shelf for various purposes. The design is made in order it to be installed on the corner of a room. It can be used to store the essential books, which are taken and read frequently. Then, it is the same design with the first. It only differs in the way it is installed. It is mounted from the other side of the first one.

Awesome Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With Yellow Wooden Materials Added With White Wall Ideas For Bookcase Ideas

Amazing Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With Black Wooden Color Materials Added With Black Tile Floor Ideas And Beige Wall

Stunning Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With White Bookcase Ideas Added With White Wall Places For The Bookcase Ideas

The second design looks like it is the combination of the first design stacked in two pieces. It is actually a more collaborative design. The top of the bottom shelf is used as the base of the upper one.

Beauty Design Of The Grey Wall Ideas With White And Brown Wall Mounted Shlef Ideas With Pics

The third one doesn’t consist of a box design. It only consists of a wood plank shelf mounted to the wall. The floating effect the plank gives a minimalist touch to the room. This design is suitable to be applied on a wall with several other planks. However, it is best for it not to be arranged all lined up vertically because it will look stern for a minimalist themed room.

Astounding Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With Black Wooden Materials Added With Grey Wall And Brown Wooden Floor

If your room has enough spaces to spare, this design combination might be your best bet for nice room furniture. A standing big shelf cupboard is set right beside the TV furniture. To accompany the big one, smaller wall mount bookshelf is set on the wall above the TV.

Contemporary Shelf Design

Beauty Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With White Wall Added With Grey Floor Idas And Some Sculpture At The Shelves

The design speaks volume of contemporary furniture. The unique and simple triangle shape is used as a shelf while the wider triangle one is used to hide the mount to the wall. Look at this. It has more contemporary look comparing to the other styles.

Amusing Design Of The Wall Mount Bookshelf With White Wall Ideas Added With White Wooden Bookcase And Grey Floor Ideas

This design uses a book as the base of the shelf. To make it possible, the very bottom book must be durable and strong to withstand the rest of the books. This unique design is suitable for you who prefer entirely different touch to your room.

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