Open Concept Kitchen for Celebrating Meal Times Togetherness

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For single-family households, open concept kitchen has been the dominant or popular choice for years. In addition, they do that due to several reasons. The first is perhaps that the concept visually looks nice and offers a feeling of airiness. The openness of the design will guarantee that everyone will be easier to mingle and spend time that is more precious together, with other family members and even with pets.

Open Floor Interior Plan

There is indeed increasing trends towards the full opening of living area, regardless the square footage. It has many advantages, more especially for those homeowners who would prefer to cherish meal times, where they will not only sit around the dining table for about 15 minutes, but rather they are able to prepare the foods together, gather around after dinner, watching TV, chitchatting or playing with or keeping an eye the kids, and more.

Incredible Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas Added With White Wooden Cabinets And Silver Kitchen Island

The concept of a cooking space open to dining or living room is also gaining more attention from and being employed by plenty small apartment owners. It is such a nice idea for those who are fond of inviting people over to their places. The open floor plan indeed will create the impression of a bigger space, where the guests will not feel cooped up in a little living room, at the same time the host will be able to intermingle with them while busy puttering around the kitchen.

Stunning Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Brown Wooden Bar Areas Added With Brown Wooden Floor And Silver Kitchen Island Ideas

Inspiring Design Of The Open Concept Kitchen With Black Wooden Table And White Wall Ideas

Some Helpful Advice

Successful open concept kitchen will be all about the sense of airiness and spaciousness, which can be obtained from maintaining the view unhindered. This means that you have a lack of barriers for the eye and from appropriate choices regarding furniture pieces.

Astonishing Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Black Wooden Kitchen Island Added With Brown Tile Floor Kitchen Ideas

The key factors for the open-plan interior are enhancing unity, harmony, and balance. Therefore, it is better to not to apply kitchen furniture pieces which area too tall or heavy compared to the furniture in the living room area. You may turn to simple, unobtrusive and perfectly coordinated ones with the style and color of the entire space.

Elegant Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Young Brown Wooden Cabinets Added With Black Marble Countertops Ideas

The crucial feature for your kitchen open concept will be a kitchen island. This furniture piece has a significant role as a border between the cooking and living room areas, surprisingly without creating a look that those two seem separate. Therefore, you have to divide the two spaces wisely so it will not be counterproductive.

Amusing Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas Added With White Kitchen Island And Red Kitchen Cabinets

Astounding Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Grey Kitchen Island Ideas Added With Red And Silver Iron Long Chairs Ideas

Another open floor plan rule thumb is continuous flooring that will evoke harmony and openness into the entire design. It would be better to use as much of one material as possible. For instance, if you prefer to durability feature, hence natural stone tiles in good quality will be better than porcelain. If you want to use two different tile materials, just remember that they should have at least the same color tone so they will not create an extreme contrast transition.

Remarkable Deisgn Of The Open Kitchen Design With White Kitchen Island Added With Glass Table For Kitchen Areas

Amazing Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Brown Wooden Floor Added With Black Grey Fabric Sofa Ideas And Floral Motive Sofa

Fantastic Design Of The Open Kitchen Design With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas Added With Grey Dining Set And Brown Wooden Cabinets

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