Open Concept Floor Plans: Way Your Integrate All Activities

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For mansion decoration, open concept floor plans are the most suitable floor plan. Why? That home floor plan will enhance the appearance of several rooms of the mansion. Moreover, such floor plan supports one compartment for several room installations. Talking about the position and decoration of each room, we will discuss it further based on the following pictures. So, let’s get start it.

Amazing Desig Of The Living Room Areas With Wooden Open Concept Floor Plans With White Table Ideas

Amusing Design of Open Floor Plan

Talking about the design of open floor plan, the room is really not separated with any divider. The decoration is yet very amusing. Why? The furniture becomes the main divider for each room on open floor concept. For example, the sectional sofa is used to separate the living room and kitchen. Yet, the kitchen island or kitchen bar is applied to differentiate the kitchen and the dining room. The decoration is very easy, isn’t it?

Awesome Design Of The Young Brown Wooden Open Concept Floor Plans With White Ceiling Ideas With White Wall Ideas

Astonishing Design Of The Grey Floor Ideas With White Ceiling And White Wall Ideas With Black Bookcase Ideas

Sometimes, the window panel is not covered with any blind or shutter. What is the purpose? It is actually for the optimization of the room. By not covering the window with any rug, it makes the room has a spacious appearance. One or two lounge chairs are sometimes placed against the window. It perfectly aims to compromise the nook area of the mansion with open space concept. Talking about the size of each room, actually, it depends on the size of furniture. Whereas, you can apply everything as you want, right?

Adorable Design Of The White Open Concept Floor Plans Ideas With Ceiling To Floor Glass Door Ideas With Brown Wooden Wall

Astounding Design Of The Grey Rugs Idas With White Open Concept Floor Plans With White Wall Ideas

Open Floor Decoration Ideas

After dealing with the design of room in open concept floor plans, now you move to the open floor decoration. First, the lamp installation is not only depended on the main lamp on the ceiling but also the complementary lamp system. You might find various lamp models on the mansion with open floor plan. Why? The lamp system enhances the decoration of open floor. You can differentiate each room of mansion by only seeing the lamp installation.

Stunning Design Of The Living Room Areas With White L Shape Sofa Ideas With Rounded White Table And Open Concept Floor Plans Ideas

Superb Design Of The Living Room Areas With White Ceiling Added With Whtie Table And Brown Rugs And Open Concept Floor Plans Ideas

Amusing Design Of Th Brown Wooden Open Concept Floor Plans With White Fur Rugs Added With White Ceiling Ideas

For the additional enhancement, the tropical flower is placed above the main coffee table. It perfectly brings natural nuance on the open area of the mansion. For living room or kitchen, the idea is really astonishing. Still, the model of the main furniture also gives another impact for the decoration of the room. Talking about the decoration, the color of furniture also determines whether the interior is fine or not. You really need to pay attention to detail when applying the open floor concept for mansion decoration. Therefore, the interior of the mansion with open floor plan must look so suitable with your taste of decoration.

Marvelous Design Of The White Floor Ideas Added With Grey Rugs Ideas Added With Brown Wall Ideas

Fantastic Design Of The White Wall And Ceiling Ideas With White Table And Black Chairs Ideas Added With Open Concept Floor Plans Ideas

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