Narrow Console Table: Unique Furniture to Your Home Entranceway

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A narrow console table serves its functional and decorative roles at the same time. You are going to see this kind of table everywhere, more especially at spaces like a hallway, entranceway, or even living room. Similar to many other tables, you may find it in various styles, shapes, and sizes, as well as materials and color finishes. Their prominent trait is that they require the support from the wall.

Console Tables and Their Characteristics

Largely, console tables are constructed with the intention to keep item while at the same time being placed against the wall. As implied by their definitions, a table fixed to the wall with its top supported by consoles or front legs; a table feature with one or more curved legs of bracket-like structures, built to stand against a wall; and much more.

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Meanwhile, the word “narrow” itself is considered as the most descriptive term for a console table. However, these tables can be in shapes of rectangular, square, round, or half-round. Even though mostly are found anchored against the wall, but today’s popular design placed console tables at the back of sofas.

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The majority of small console tables are manufactured from a solid wood material, yet they also can be discovered in other materials like glass, metal, or synthetic elements. Their designs can be ranged from traditional to contemporary ones. They can be full of classic carvings as well as lines that are more modern. In addition, as to color options, you will see them in different charming finishes – black, white, distressed, ivory, gray, and more.

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Astounding Design Of The White Wooden Narrow Side Table With White Wooden Shelves Added With White Tops Ideas On The White Floor Ideas

It can be said that most of the console tables are having storage feature – tabletop and drawers or shelf beneath. This design will absolutely depend on what kind of items that are going to be kept, though usually are the smaller ones.

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Insert Console Table to Your Entranceway Decor

In applying narrow console table idea, several considerations or questions have to ask beforehand. Of course, you have to know about the general shape and size, and the purpose of your space.

Fantastic Design Of The Black Iron Legs Added With Brown Wooden Tops As The Narrow Side Table On The Grey Rugs Ideas

Some of those questions would be like what kind of material you will choose, will it be made of wood, metal, glass or other synthetic substances? What is the right style that is going to suit your entire interior or other furnishing and accessories? What color is the best? Alternatively, what kind of style you prefer to? In addition, the list can go even longer.

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The budget also will play the part before you choose or purchase any console table. Even a small detail like height can be a point as well. However, this kind of furniture piece will not dominate the room decor. It is simply like a decorative accent. For example, you select a console table that is as high as a windowsill. In addition, you may add other functional and decorative ornament, such wall mirror.

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