Most Suitable Double Bunk Beds for Saving Place in Small Bedroom

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These double bunk beds will be good references to pick the most suitable one. Bunk beds are the popular choice for saving space. The stacked design allows two people to sleep in the same room while saving more space. As the function to save more space, it is usually used to places like hostels and dormitories. Certainly, it is also a choice to be installed in your own home.

Astounding Design Of The White Wooden Double Bunk Beds With Ladder Added With Wall Mounted Lamp Ideas

Fantastic Design Of The White Wooden Double Bunk Beds With Grey Curtain And Orange Wall Mounted Lamp Ideas

Stunning Design Of The Three Levels Of The Double Bunk Beds With Brown Wooden Frame Ideas

Collaborative Wooden Bunk Beds

The first thing you have to pay attention is never greedy about saving space as far as going for triple bunk beds when your ceiling is not that high. The one in the top bunk will not be having comfortable sleep since his face will be facing the ceiling close.

Marvelous Design Of The Rustic Brown Wooden Double Bunk Beds With Brownw Ooden Floor And Ceiling Ideas

This kind of design is the most suitable to be installed on an inn. The design allows a standard regular sized bed instead of the single bed. The frames of the bed are made of wood painted with brown color while maintaining its natural pattern. The ladder to climb to the top bunk is cleverly designed not to resemble a ladder; instead, several long bars are installed at the side of the bunk. At the top long handles are also installed as hand gripping bars.

Amazing Design Of The Grey Double Bunk Beds With White Bed Added With Grey Wall Ideas

Astonishing Design Of The Brown Woodendouble Bunk Beds With Grey Bed Ideas With Young Brown Wall Ideas

The second design is more suitable to be installed in university dormitories or hostels for backpackers. The frame design is truly efficient and simple as it does not have any unnecessary design and thin.

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Superb Design Of The Brown Wooden Wall Ideas With Double Bunk Beds With Wall Mounted Lamp Ideas

Modified Bunk Beds

The third design is somewhat similar to the first. The frame allows standard sized beds to be installed instead of a single bed. In the middle of the bunks is placed a furniture which is drawers consist of four compartments. Each compartment can be used to storage the belonging of each person in each bunk. On top of the head is pinned a lamp to accompany the night sleep.

Amusing Design Of The Rustic Double Bunk Beds With Brown Wooden Ladder Ideas And Wall Mounted Lamp Ideas

The last wooden design is having double beds facing each other with sort of empty space used for placing an alarm. At the very bottom is big drawers belongs to each bunk. At the side of the bunk, is a tiny window allowing to view the outside panorama? Right beside the window is a night lamp.

Awesome Design Of The Bedroom Areas With Silver Wooden Double Bunk Beds With Blue Tosca Rugs Ideas With Grey Floor

Double bunk beds are not always used as two beds compartment. You can get creative, as you want for an example using the bottom bed to place a sofa set instead of a bed. The bed is placed at the top.

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