Modern Wall Mounted Shelf: Not Only As Storage But Also Decorate

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Do you like wall accessories to display on the wall mounted shelf? You can change the regular accessories with modern wall shelves to be the focus on the wall. Here are some ideas for you to apply the mounted shelf on your wall.

Smart Shelf to Beautify the Wall

White wall mounted shelf that is made of the wood will give great white emphasis to the white room concept. Smart design adds the aesthetic of the wall appearance. You can use this mounted shelf as the book, trophy and photo display. Small size and thin wood material give a pretty nuanced to be seen.

Amazing Design Of The White Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf With White Wall Added With Some Book

You can make the mounted shelf on the wall with a metal material. Hang a vertical line of the metal and give the branches from the vertical line. On the branches, the books can be displayed by floating on the wall.

Adorable Design Of The Blue Wall And Black Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf With Unique Shape

This mounted shelf has a unique design. Don’t you think that it is great, do you? The arrangement of the shelves cans thrift the space of the room. The design is great to be shown on the living room wall. The wood material of the shelves emphasizes the precious design. Polished wood mounted shelves with abstract design give the dynamic accent to the white wall. The small size of the mounted shelves can beautify the wall. You can put the accessories on these mounted shelves.

Marvelous Design Of The Whtie Wall Added With Brown Wooden Unique Wall Mounted Shelf With Brown Wooden Floor

Fantastic Design Of The Wall Mounted Shelf With Black And Brown Color Added With White Wall

Brown wood mounted the shelf on the white wall shows the precious and sturdy design. The mounted shelves contain closed shelves and opened shelves. You can display the accessories on the opened shelves and store the other thing in the closed shelves. The shelf that is closed by transparent glass material will be great if you put a down light in it to support the display glowing very pretty.

Awesome Design Of The Brown Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf With Cabinets Ideas With White Wall

Simple Shelf on the Wall.

For you who like the simple design more than the unique one, you can apply this mounted shelf design. You just hang one simple floating design on the wall to display your art creation. White small mounted shelf is great to give a wall accent.

Stunning Design Of The White Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf With White Wall And Black Framing Picture Ideas

Long wood mounted shelf will be great to beautify the wall that supports the stairs. You can display some accessories to get precious scenery in the bareness wall. Wood material will show the elegant nuance.

Amusing Design Of The Brown Wooden Wall Mounted Shelf Idas With White Wall And Some Pics On The Wall

This shelf can help you to organize your movie stuff very neat. For the separate shelf with the TV wall mount that has opened shelf, you can organize your DVD movie on the side of the shelf and then put your movie theater setting in front side the shelf

Astounding Design Of The Brown Wooden Floor Added With Wall Mounted Shelf Ideas For Living Room Areas

Astonishing Design Of The Wall Mounted Shelf As The Media Cabinets With Wall Mounted Tv Racks Ideas

You can purchase the closed shelf if you want your storage aren’t seen from the outside. This shelf will show the simplicity. It will be great combined with the wood floor. You can enjoy the television with neat appearance of the shelf.

Superb Design Of The Brown Wooden Media Cabinets As The Wall Mounted Shelf With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

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