Modern Kitchen Island Design with Simplicity and Convenience

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Having your kitchen island design gorgeously certainly will lift your spirit to experiment on your cooking skill. Then again beside the design function, is what you have to consider the most? Kitchen cabinet is surely on the top list. A wall installs it; therefore, it can only be accessed on one side. What makes the second top list is the kitchen island. By having this, you will be able to move freely as you engrossed yourself in cooking. Kitchen island also functions as a temporary dining table where you can sit and taste the result of your kitchen experiment before you get it going to be savored by others. What makes a good one for this essential part of the room? Worry not; we have gathered reference of kitchen design for you to consider what kind of design suits the most to be applied.

Fantastic Design Of The Grey Wooden Cabinets And Kitchen Island Design With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

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Marvelous Design Of The Brown Wooden Kitchen Island Design Added With Brown Wooden Floor Ideas

Stunning Design Of The Kitchen Areas Added With Black Wooden L Kitchen Island Ideas With Black Chairs

Black and White Kitchen Island

In this first section of kitchen island design, we present you one of the most preferred designs, black and white kitchen islands. As to why this design is popular, the combination of neutral and minimalist design emphasizes the modernity and simplicity more. This design certainly suits you who prefer simplicity inconvenience.

Adorable Design Of The Brown Wooden Floor Added With White Cabinets And Kitchen Island As The Kitchen Island Design

The first design focuses on the kitchen furniture shape, which goes with curvy and rounded edges. The kitchen island itself goes with a full oval separated by a wall in the middle. Besides this so-called wall, there are some holes to place cut vegetables or another variant of cooking ingredients, which fits compartments for it. The table part is white while the cylinder shaped drawers beneath it, which supports the table, is in black. It also consists of cabinets of drawers that seem perfect for extra storage besides the main kitchen cabinet.

Unique Kitchen Furniture

Appealing Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Brown Wooden Kitchen Island Design With Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant Design Of The Young Brown Wooden Floor Added With Brown Wooden Kitchen Island Ideas

Unlike the common kitchen interior, the second design goes with a unique kitchen furniture choice and arrangement. Instead of choosing kitchen cabinet, which combines the stove and sinks part, it chooses for one, which exclusively consists of cabinet and the addition of space to put fridge and microwave. The design of this cabinet is not unique either. It goes with longs doors, moderate ones, and a small cabinet. Space left by the moderate doors is used for drawers. The stove and sink cabinet are placed in the middle lining up together with the kitchen islands which are in the same color with the main cabinet.

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