Modern Interior Design Displayed In Highly Sophisticated Open Space

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Open floor plans can be one of increasingly popular modern interior design ideas widely found in many big cities with their urban style trends. This open concept will be tearing down walls and transform it into a compact open space for the living room, dining room, and kitchen area. In fact, it can be somewhat challenging in decorating such a large, open space for pursuing more comfortable and also harmonious and well-planned home living at the same time.

Open Floor Plans – Benefits and Challenges

Open-concept becomes the favorite modern interior design ideas. To name some of it beneficial features are making even the smallest space look and feel bigger as well as brighter; creating more intimate relationships between the individuals in a certain open floor space; keeping an eye on your little ones in the more easily way; generating more multifunctional space with appropriate furnishing ideas.

Still, you will have to experience some drawbacks for having such an open-space home living. It is clear that you will lose some privacy due to the tearing down of the walls and the joining of everything. A trivial example for this can be difficulty in answering and talking on the phone in the kitchen while your children are watching TV or playing at the living room.

Fewer walls mean also less electrical outlets, whereas it can be tricky to conceal wires in large, open space. Moreover, open concept interior will be easier in displaying mess or chaos, which can be easily seen. As a solution, you may use proper storage for keeping the tidiness of your open-floor space.

Some Useful Design Tricks

Employ furnishing and lighting to define areas. In this case, you may use furniture to delimit different functional spaces. As an example, put a sofa backed with console table outside the kitchen area to define the start of the living room area. Light fixtures – chandeliers for the dining room or large lighted ceiling fan to the living room, for example – also can be useful in defining different areas in open space concept.

Keep the continuity of the design. It is critical to maintaining the aesthetic flow of your open-floor design. This can be representative of basic construction features, such as the flooring design or recessed lighting ideas. They have to be consistent in nature. The application of color splashes to different areas has to be able to complement each other. In this, you may add layers of texture and varied hues for pursuing highlights and accents.

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