Modern Black and White Kitchen Applied for Minimalist Design

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A black and white kitchen is mostly used in a classic European house. The combination of these colors gives relaxing nuance for the kitchen. However, this kind of design has been adapted to another country because of its simplicity. Every people agree that black and white color will give minimalist design without ignoring its beauty and uniqueness. For you who are looking for ideas to your monochrome kitchen, we hope this article will help.

Tips for Designing Classy Kitchen in Black and White

Black and white are basic colors. Sometimes we find that those colors are boring. However, if we use it properly, it will give you a classy minimalist design and pretty nuance for your kitchen. Before designing monochrome to your kitchen, the first thing you have to be considered is wall painting. You should apply white color to the wall. The white color is identical with sacred, so it will give calm nuance to your kitchen.

Those pictures show us that the domination of white color is not boring. It gives pacifying, quiet and comforting nuance for your kitchen. As an accent, the owner chooses black furniture. That color combination is so simple but that is nice to see.

The second thing you have to be considered is wall painting above the stove. Smokes from the stove usually make our kitchen dirty. To solve this problem, it is better for you to choose a black color because it can camouflage dirtiness. As another alternative, you can apply wallpaper above the stove. If it dirty, you just change the wallpaper without repainting your wall.

Those pictures use the application of gray color above the stove as a gradation between black and white. it is a Good idea for adding nuance because it is a neutral color, so the monochrome color still stands out. Third, pay attention in furniture, if white is dominating; you should choose black furniture to balance it because too much white will dazzle your eyes.

Things You Should Avoid

Avoid using too much furniture in your kitchen. Just put you need ones. Too much furniture will make your kitchen is not neat. Because the principal of minimalist design is “less is more”. Too much furniture will spend your space too, which annoy you while cooking or eating with family.

The black and white kitchen is the suitable design for you who like the minimalist and simple design. This is never being an old-fashioned design. If you still confuse about the ideas of the monochrome kitchen, these pictures below may help you.

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