Minimalist Wall Mounted Bookshelves for Interior Optimization

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After dealing with the concept of built-in shelves, don’t you want to know the installation of wall mounted bookshelves? This concept is very suitable for minimalist flat or modern penthouse. Sometimes, the modern mansion is decorated with this furniture. However, these mounted shelves are only suitable for the working place. Do you want to know how to install this magnificent furniture? If you do, the following tips and tricks are provided to you.

Installation of Mounted Shelves

Directly to the procedure in installing the mounted shelves, you need to prepare several tools. What are they? First, you need to prepare the screwdriver, bolts, and the mounting panel. Second, you need to make four holes on the concrete wall. Why should be it? The holes are used to insert the bolt for the installment of the mounting panel. After the holes are done, you can directly install the mounting panel by straining the bolts. Now, the mounting panel is already installed. Do you know the next step? All right, after installing the mounting, you can immediately install the mounted shelves. The steps are very easy to do, right.

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After successfully installed the wall mounted bookshelves, you need to install the other interior decoration. Now, you do not need to buy the all new furnishings. Why? Because the furniture is already, lavish. Still, the installation of the interior furniture really looks so lavish. Talking about the interior design of the room, the mounted shelves must enhance the interior perfectly. Talking about the decoration of the room, the mounted shelves become the main accent in the room. In a glance, other furnishings look as the mounted shelves look. This is so mesmerizing, isn’t it?

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Mounted Shelves Maintenance

Even this kind of furniture can be the perfect model; you still need to apply the proper maintenance. Why? You must not want to get a dusty room, right. The maintenance is actually very easy. However, you must meet various obstacles on the first action. Since the interior wall is dominated with the installation of mounted shelves, you must not be able to clear the upper counterpart. This part will be the dusty area. What is the solution? You can deal with the use of vacuum cleaner. Yet, this solution is the most applicable one to reach the upper part of the shelves.

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Now, what do you think about this idea? You must want to apply it to your house, right. Both installation tips and maintenance tricks are also informed to you. What are you waiting for, right now? This concept is perfectly stunning, isn’t it?

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