Minimalist Grey Hardwood Floors Boosting Your Contemporary Room

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We recommend the minimalist grey hardwood floors if you look for the material for flooring in your room because it is calm. The gray color from this floor supports simple room design. Absolutely, this room is suitable for modern and vintage interior models. The vintage idea will bring cozy sensation. The modern furniture on this floor would be a simple room in new era idea. Are you ready to see the examples of these rooms? See the following pictures.

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The Interior Set for Vintage Room

Amazing Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Grey Hardwood Floors Added With Brown Wooden Kitchen Island

Stunning Design Of The Bedroom Areas With Brown Wooden Bed And Grey Wall And Grey Hardwood Floors

On the photos above, we can see the room looks spacious with a wood kitchen set in the corner of the room. This room design is cool for celebrating a party. The room is large with minimalist furniture concept. In the corner of the room is the kitchen with a brown cabinet. This tone is similar to the bright floor color. For lighting system, the white lamps are put on the white ceiling. This ceiling has the same color with the wall. In the bedroom, the wall is decorated with dark color because this room has dark gray flooring. This color contrasts with a white ceiling. For completing this room, a dark brown bed is standing next to the window. This vintage bed is pretty for this room.

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We saw a mini room space for a family or living room. This room seems comfortable with a set of the sofa with a skirt. This is a right place for gathering because the height of the chair is quite short, so does the table. This is a unique table with circle countertop. There are short wood table legs on it. This sofa set is safe for children.

Strong Tone from Colorful Furniture

For some teenagers, the shabby and vintage decors will bring laziness. Even though, they struggle to pursue high achievement. Leaving bored house design, they add some colorful furniture to give the cheerful tone in some rooms. It can encourage them to work harder. The easiest colorful interior designs that can be applied to the rooms are red chairs. This room will increase your passion for enjoying the life. On the picture below, we can see the simple red chair, which is effortless to be removed. Besides, the blank wall décor needs a cheerful touch. The big red painting in modern art is suitable for youngster’s house concept. A lighting system can be innovated by applying white hanging lampshade. A white lighting will give sufficient shine for grey hardwood floors.

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