Minimalist Basement Paint Colors for Cozy underneath Spaces

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Picking the right basement paint colors will make your basement space cozy to stay. Why? As we know, building a spacious home when having not much space is possible. One of the solutions is making a room underneath, a basement. Basement is not necessarily for unused things storage. It also can be made into another functional room, even something resembles a living room, basement family space. However, building room underneath is tricky. It can be damp and uncomfortable when using the wrong color palette for the room design.

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Minimalist Interior Color Palettes

The current trend for the indoor interior is minimalist design coated in pastel color palette. The shades of grey are the current leading color choice for basement paint. If going for the real clean and minimalistic basement without much furniture, light grey is a good choice for the wall color.

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As the color is not dark, some lighting systems are needed for the room. Not one but some with moderate light. Combined with a tall floor lamp for mild lighting, it makes the room perfect for dozing off. Added a sofa in green and blue cushion, it will balance the light grey wall. A rug is chosen in darker shades of grey to prevent the boring and monotone color palette of the room.

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Basement space can also be made into a kitchen. The main kitchen of the home is better to be put upstairs with the right shed of morning sunlight but in the basement, it can’t be a good idea to make a mini bar kitchen resembling a kitchen in the side of basement family space.

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Go with Light Shades

As basement will go better with light shades, choosing the shades of beige is a nice set for the mini kitchen. Grey is for the wall, milky white for the mini kitchen cupboard, and milky brown for the kitchen table made of ceramic for shiny touch. The kitchen will be combined with several pendant lighting and rounded ones in the top for a secondary source of lighting.

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If the basement space is not big enough for family space and mini kitchen, then the alternative goes to a mini corner to place a coffee maker. This functions to accompany the family space with nearest beverages. Rather than a desk with a coffeemaker, a small fridge in the size of a locker also can be placed on the desk. Long pendant lighting is the best choice to make it easier in choosing the beverages inside the fridge. The basement paint colors for this choice will go best heavier shades of grey.

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