Kitchen Wall Shelves Creating Nice Wall Decor and Ideas

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The function of the kitchen wall shelves is not only keeping many things, but it can increase the room appearance as well. This reference is good for you who look for shelves to complete the kitchen. Even, these shelves are nice too for other rooms such as dining room, bedroom, living room and bathroom. The materials to make them are variants so does the model. See the following photos and choose the best one for your room.

Wood Shelving Materials

Astonishing Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With White Wooden Materials Added With Silver Hook For Keys And Towel

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Superb Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With Grey Color And Black Iron Holder Added With White Sink And Cabinets

In the modern kitchen theme, a wood shelve is the most favorite one. The contrast color between brown from the wood and white from painted wall is awesome. The wood boards are usually arranged over the cabinet. The best location for the shelves is in the corner of the room, which has the window next to it. Therefore, the people can take what they need from shelve easily due to the light of sunshine. They can keep some dishes and cups. This shelve can be used for increasing the room appearance by the flowers which are put in the vase and then put on the wood board.

Marvelous Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With Brown Wooden Cabinets And White Wall Ideas

If you are crazy to manage your small room as a cafe or mini restaurant, the small shelves is necessary for your kitchen. The spaces of the shelves can keep kitchen sets and seasoning without spending much space. Moreover, the wall looks nice with this decoration.

Adorable Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With White Kitchen Cabinets Added With White Chair And Grey Wall

We have seen the board wooden, now we just saw the boxes of woods. The boxed wood here is used for storage or shelves. Usually, these boxes are used for showing off the collection of the owner. The strength of this rather shelve is hard to get dirty because the shape is the box. It has a roof on the top.

Good Decorated Wall

Stunning Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With White Cabinets And Brown Wooden Floor Ideas With White Kitchen Cabinets

The problem solving for a limited wall and floor is the hanging shelves. This is one of the most favorite kitchens set in the world because of its flexibility. The people can take the plates and glass wherever they stand.

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The white kitchen wall shelves are beautiful for all kitchen themes. The white shelves can be put on the white tile wall or white blank wall. The matching color between them makes the wall decoration getting the perfect design.

Amazing Design Of The Kitchen Wall Shelves With Silver Color Ideas Added With Iron Hookers For Towel And Others

The stainless shelve is next option for you who love to redecorate the room. It can be moved easily. Some kitchen sets are made of the stainless materials too. It makes them become a good couple.

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