Kitchen Design with Islands for Minimalist Studio House

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For studio house, what do you think when you apply kitchen design with islands as the main concept for the kitchen space? Do you get any idea about other concepts for kitchen design? What is it? Don’t you mind share it with me? All right, if you have not thought about it, the following review must be so useful for you.

Awesome Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Black Wooden Kitchen Island Added With Three Hanging Lamp

Installing Island for Kitchen

Starting from the main design of island, a small kitchen is better applied with Square Island. Yet, this model can be functioned as kitchen storage and the kitchen sink. As the installation of the stand is in the right position, you must get enough space to move when cooking at the kitchen. Since the island is made of wooden material, you can add a roller on each step. It is completely used to move the island just in case you need more space for the extra fast.

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Stunning Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Brown Wooden Kitchen Island And Brown Marble Tops Ideas

Besides decorating the island as storage and sink, you can apply it as a dining room. You must really save more space and money. Why? You can optimize the use of island in the kitchen. Yet, you only need to buy several pairs of bar stools. This kind of furniture is not too excessively expensive despite buying the whole furnishings for the dining room. Furthermore, the material used to combine the island and kitchen utensils are made of stainless material. What does it mean? It means that the island must have long last function.

Astonishing Design Of The Kitchen Islands With Stools With Grey Marble Ideas Added With Two Hangin Lamp And Wooden Chairs Ideas

Superb Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Brown Wooden Cabinets And Kitchen Island And White Marble Ideas

Kitchen Decoration with Islands

Talking about the kitchen decoration, you must really enhance the kitchen design with islands. With an adorable model for the islands, the marble counter top does not need to be installed on the backsplash. Yet, the marble tiles for countertop of the island are perfectly astonishing. The installation of pendant lamp as main lamp system also enhances the decoration of kitchen. You must deal with the system of the kitchen with the finest decoration, right.

Creative Design Of The Kitchen Islands With Stools With Grey Marble Ideas Added With Three Black Hangin Lamp And Some Wooden Chairs

Fantastic Design Of The Kitchen Areas With Grey Wooden Cabinets Added With Brown Wooden Floor And Black Marble Tops

Furthermore, you will be also amused from the other furnishings around the island. You have kitchen storage installed beneath the island. Yet, the drying panel is also built on the island. Everything is all focused on the kitchen island. Can you imagine if the island is not installed? You must get a difficulty when dealing with the installation of the island for the kitchen.

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Amusing Design Of The Kitchen Islands With Stools With Black Marble Countertops Ideas Added With Some Chairs Ideas

If you do not combine the island with other furnishings, the appearance is not too great. Still, you are also connected with the system of electronic kitchen utensils. The kitchen with islands must be so suitable for the minimalist kitchen.

Amazing Design Of The Kitchen Islands With Stools With Grey Marble Top Desk Kitchen Island Added With Black Wooden Chairs Ideas

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