Illuminating Landscape Lighting Ideas for Beautiful View at Night

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The following are several references to landscape lighting ideas to illuminate the part you want the most. Seeing landscape under sunlight is certainly easy to see the beautiful arrangement. However after the night falls, without enough lighting, the nicely done landscape arrangement can’t be enjoyed. Thus, lighting is necessary to set in a landscape.

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Swimming Pool Lighting

The swimming pool is not functioning only on broad daylight. On the night, it can be also used as a place to throw a party. However, by doing this, enough lighting must be set up.

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The swimming pool has an outdoor bar on top of it. This bar will be the main attention of the swimming pool at night. On the pathways from the home into the bar is a path covered with wooden horizontal piles flooring. On each side of the path is installed small light to illuminate the swimming pool. The lights are installed on several meters gap. The main illuminating lights are focused on the mini bar. Long neon white lamp is set up on the top of the table bar beside the TV. This light is the main light source in the bar. The rest of the lights are four small orange lamps, which are similar to the ones installed on the pathways.

Fantastic Design Of The Purple Landscape Lighting Ideas In The Pool Ideas With Grey Pool Side Ideas

If the first focuses on the bar, this second of landscape lighting ideas emphasize the illuminating light to the pool. At the mouth of the swimming pool is set up long blue lamps. So is at the bottom of the main swimming pool. On the bottom corner of the swimming pool is installed small purple lamps. Meanwhile, the small pool, which has a different pattern of flooring, is illuminated using purple lamps only. On the pathways of the swimming pool are yellow lights to illuminate the path itself and the plants in the garden.

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The third lighting is ideas also focusing on the swimming pool. The difference is the way of the lighting is emphasizing the pool. Unlike the previous design, this one put extra wait for the lamp. As the lamps is to give the pool strong source of lighting which differs from the previous which only illuminate the pool to make it look beautiful at night.

Backyard Landscape Lighting

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This lighting design is set to match the environment of the house, which is on the mountain. Dim lights are set on every pillar in the backyard in order to give fresh, relaxing, and calming atmosphere, which completes enjoying the fresh breeze at night.

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