Highly Functional and Decorative Small Bedside Table Ideas

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Modern nightstands are commonly found in form of small bedside table designs, frequently with a drawer. Nightstand, interchangeably night table, bedside table or bedside cabinet, all of them actually refer to the same thing, namely a small table or cabinet that stands in the bedroom. It is typically positioned close or beside the bed. Ordinarily, they can be the place to hold some small-sized stuff, which most likely will be useful during the night – table lamp, alarm clock, phone, eyeglasses, a drink or even medication, and more.

Knowing the Bedside Applications

During the times before flushing toilets, the main function of adding a nightstand was a place to put a chamber pot which was usually used at nights. Therefore, the early nightstand designs were frequently designed in form of small cabinets occasionally featured with a drawer, and ordinarily contained with such a sealed off storage space beneath enclosed by one or more doors. They called it with the name “commode” more particularly during the Victorian era.

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Commode itself is derived from the French word which means “convenient” or suitable”. And in those old days, usually a commode would have an enclosed space underneath for keeping the chamber pot, and on the top, they were a wash hand basin and a water pitcher. And as to designs, antique nightstands – French, Italian, and Spanish – were typically ornamented with gold leaf finish, bronze, or parquetry inlaid.

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Bedside Tables in Modern Times

Nowadays, people are having a small bedside table in extremely different purpose compared to those old times. Their role has been changed significantly into store anything, smaller stuff, which most likely being used during the night – a glass of water, a table lamp, an alarm clock, a book, reading glasses, etc. they can be found on the top or inside of that nightstand.

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Where can you find a bedside table? It is commonly located right next to a bed, or sometimes in other parts of a bedroom decoration. Perhaps, they can be placed in other rooms, serve simply as a small occasional or accent table.

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What can they display? A nightstand or bedside table is designed with a somewhat space on their top surface. Likewise, that space will offer plenty room for placing or displaying some essentials, or visual interests, such as family or friends’ framed photos, as well as other decorative ornaments.

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What can they store? As previously, stated most of the bedside tables are featured with drawers and enclosed storage space. They will be very useful for storing any essentials like medications, for example. Or else, they can be a place for keeping your extra blanket, clothes, cosmetics, and other items.

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What can they do as a decorative accent? A bedside table is able to evoke additional balance and real elegance to your bedroom, more particularly when being placed on either side of a double bed.

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