Green Kitchen Cabinets Bringing Wonderful Natural Touch

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Choosing painted green kitchen cabinets will not only fill the room space but also add a wonderful touch. Basically, cabinets in the kitchen are one concept that arranges triangle concept. There is storage (refrigerator/cabinet), cooking (range) and cleaning (sink). Those three activities have to walk continually so that the owner has to make sure the traffic for doing those three activities. This is a basic concept of kitchen design because it will make cooking activities enjoyable.

The application of the green cabinetry in the kitchen can impress the greenish kitchen that will show the freshness and concept of nature. It can be implemented by green kitchen furniture, green wall paint and combined with natural composition. Next thing is the air circulation of the kitchen. Do not forget to put a window or other kind circulation to support the concept.

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The greenish kitchen can be made comes true by playing a composition of furniture. Of course for creating a live natural kitchen in greenish view, the owner shall choose a green cabinet of the kitchen or the natural color for the furniture. This is the main character of the greenish concept. Then pick the other green furniture sets as well. The Faux wood floor can support the greenish concept of the kitchen as well.

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The next key for creating an open natural living room with kitchen bar design is large glass windows setting. From glass window, the owner or guest can enjoy the outdoor green scenery. The sunlight that enters from this window makes kitchen livelier.

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For covering this greenish concept, the owner can pick green wall paint. This is a good way to make all furniture work well. Hang some accessories made from nature. It will lead your green kitchen cabinets to look fresher.

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Greenish Furniture Layout

Greenish kitchen concept can be supported by a combination of furniture layout. Most of the green furniture is the best way. Give small flower as the pretty element. Put some perennial in the kitchen to make concept alive and strong.

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Island kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, G-shaped, Single line (I-line), double line (galley kitchen), and L-shaped can be adopted this concept.

This island kitchen is perfect to adopt greenish concept with all over the green cabinet. White dining chair and table that similar as white floor make the freshness and cleanliness of the kitchen emphasized. Glass windows that show the greenish view and be an entryway of sunlight make the concept success.

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A small U-shaped kitchen that uses the green cabinet in its sides makes the kitchen alive although its space is small. This is a great concept to make small kitchen layout alive and dynamic. Well, by following the concept of green, you can lead your kitchen to be more natural. Additionally, let’s check the wonderful kitchen appearance with green painting on this website. Love green so much!

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