Great Bathroom Vanity Mirrors: Functional and Decorative Arts

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The presence of great bathroom vanity mirrors offers an essential role for daily grooming and dressing up. They are also sorts of decorating detail that will complete your bathroom furniture as well as the entire bathing interior decor design ideas. Honestly, they need to be given with more attention for they are also able in inserting kind of personality and style even to the smallest or the plainest bathing interior.

Rule of Thumbs

Don’t you know that hanging a mirror is a lot similar to hanging an art piece? You have to take into account some rules whether it looks wrong, too small, too high, too low, or too wide, for example. However, there’s not a strict guideline, though. In general, some considerations will include the size of the mirror itself, the size of the sink, the height of the one who uses the bathroom regularly, and the wall space above.

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You have to keep in mind that the top of the mirror has to be a few inches above the eye level of the tallest user. The mirrors must be vertically long enough to produce everyone’s decent reflection. You have to avoid for having mirrors, which are wider than the sink or the vanity. How far the distance above the sink where you will hang your mirrors are going to depend on the height of the ceilings. Ideally, it is neither better that the mirror is not far above the sink nor too close to the sink.

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Vanity Mirrors and Lightings

Bathroom vanity mirrors and lightings are not only about pursuing functionality or the right quality. They are the first things noticed by anyone who enters to your bathing interior. Therefore, choosing the right mirror and lighting fixture to your bathroom vanity will evoke statement and complement to the rest of the interior decor ideas.

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Similar with choosing vanity mirrors, picking the right lighting for them will also require several considerations of sizes, finishes, bulb types, and of course design styles. Bar light bars are perhaps the most common lighting fixtures being used for bathing interior vanity mirrors. You may also choose wall sconces usually come in charming options of two-, three- four-light, or even more. Sconces are the perfect solution for a bathroom vanity with small mirrors. They are also providing a higher amount of usable light in the room, so you can see yourself clearer in the mirror. Moreover, they also can insert more style to any bathing space.

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In fact, it is far easier, and typically, cheaper, to only change or modify your vanity mirror rather than replacing the toilet, wall tiles, or sink. The bathroom mirror is able to complement your interior by injecting character and charm of classic or other space styles. Other times, vanity mirror can play the second swindle to your vivid sink or wallpaper.

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