Gorgeous Painted Wood Floor for Contemporary Home Design

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In this modern era, a painted wood floor is a novel idea to make wood floor different. Wood floor is very popular in modern and contemporary home design. Many people want to apply it instead of ceramic tile. This kind of wood floor gives special characteristic and different passion. It looks so different with the gorgeous look.

Good Reason To Be Chosen

Wood floor looks so gorgeous. It may show luxurious view, natural atmosphere, traditional characteristic, unique strength, classical color, warm sensation, dynamic, and the friendly scene that make this wood never end over its episode.

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How To Make It Different

Painted wood floor can make regular wood floor different. It can paint all over the wood floor of one color or just paint half of wood floor with the favorite motif.

This is a great wood floor that changed in all over white. This is the very blinding concept of the room that shine very nice. Wood floor is painted in white that is suited with white wall and white furniture of the room. This is such a pretty white house. Glass windows that will diffuse sunlight all over the room make this concept perfect. Glowing light fall in white wood floor painting makes a bright spirit for home. The white curtain is very pretty when the wind blows it smoothly. This is an antique and classical home concept.

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Next to wood floor painting is painting that has a similar design with ceramic tile. This wood floor painting is made with imitating the tile so that it will fool people if it wood floor or ceramic tile. This is a good idea to make different wood flooring. It is a combination between the wood floor and ceramic tile design. It may be a combination between original brown wood floor color and dark brown painting.

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Ceramic tile painting in the wood floor can be combined between white painting and blue painting ceramic tile design that will be suited with a white wall, white ceiling, white door and blue curtain. This is a cold white winter home concept.

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Beside whole white house concept that imitates breeze winter, softer wood floor painting can be implemented in gray color. This concept gives a freshness nuance.

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The last wood floor painting design is flower or nature design painting. People can paint the wood floor in half part of the wood floor. The size of painting can be large. It will fool people that guess the wood floor painting as a floor carpet. It is such an amazing wood floor painting. So, it is not bad to install the wooden floor with certain painting colors.

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