Glowing Metal Canopy Bed Themes Bringing To Dreamland

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Try to pick metal canopy bed to create a cozy bedroom design. A Bedroom design is really an influence for the health of the owner. Can I say that again? The luxurious and cozy bed is very important factor to support sleep to be sound. The high quality of the sleep step is when people reach their dream. You can create your own cozy bed as your way.

It is a bed accessory containing four long vertical poles in bed corner and top of each vertical pole is connected by horizontal metal long poles so that this form is possible to be given various beautiful curtains surrounding the bed. It can keep you from other disturbance and of course, will give your bed a luxurious scene. Good luck to beautify your bed.

Sliding Curtain Canopy Type

The first theme of metal canopy bed is sliding canopy. This kind of curtain is operated by sliding the curtain. The top of canopy is opened and you can face the ceiling if you lay down on there. Look at this example. Can you imagine how if you sleep on that and feel the good sensation? For black metal canopy, you can surround it with a white curtain as well if the concept of your bed is white. Tight bed cover with pretty lace will emphasize the luxurious theme of the bed. Beautify the canopy with black ribbon to bind the curtain if it is not used to cover the bed.

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The bed that is given a white curtain in the canopy will create a cool nuance as well that is supported by the sunlight and direct fresh air from the glass window that is set in your bedroom. Pastel color of your window curtain will be a good combination with white curtains your canopy bed. Do not be afraid to mix and match the curtain in your bed to get perfect aesthetics.

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You can match your curtain of your canopy bed with the natural color of your wood floor bedroom. Pick the same color as the wood color. Natural wood brown color will give warm nuance for your bed and bedroom.

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In sliding Curtain Canopy Type

The next type of the curtain canopy is not sliding curtain. This curtain is put by covering all over of the bed even the top of the canopy. For this type, you should pick transparent material for the curtain because it covers all over the bed so that you can still look at the surrounding and the transparent curtain will give fresh and soft nuance for the bed.

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There is not always white curtain that is applied for your canopy curtain if your bed in white concept. The contrast color for your canopy curtain is good too. Try to choose purple, blue or pink for make it simple.

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Canopy without a curtain is not a prohibition. It still looks good to beautify the bed just as accessories. The canopy with this type will give a classic nuance for your bedroom. So, pick your canopy concept and make your sleep tight. Good night!

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