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Glass Dining Table Set Application for Minimalist Dining Room

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A Glass dining table set is mostly recommended nowadays for minimalist dining room design. It can give you sophisticated nuance in your dining room. It also has a simple but elegant design. That is why this kind of furniture is the most wanted things in home decoration. This article will give you information about glass dining table. Check this out.

Kind of Glass Dining Table Set

There are two kinds of glass dining table round glass dining table and square glass dining table. Each kind of type has different application and utility in your home. These pictures below will show you the right using of each kind.

The picture above shows round glass dining table paired with unique round hanging lights. As we see that, it has a small size. The small size of round dining table gives you a minimalist and cute impression. Usually, the table and the cupboard put in the distant area. Roundtable is suitable for little family because it has small capacity of person

Round dining set can save space so it will give you bigger nuance in your dining room

The picture above uses square dining table, completed with the white chair around it. The impression that is shown in this room is minimalist modern and futuristic. As we see that square chair has bigger size than round one. Therefore, this is suitable for big family. It can be for 6 until 10 chairs depend on the size of the table. It can be used in big size room.

That is square dining table with curved table buttress, surrounded by silver and black table gives you another modern impression. The flower vase and little decoration on the table stating minimalist design itself. Carpet below table is used to avoid table to rub.

Less is more. This is the most principal of minimalist design. It just uses few color combination black and gray. It is very simple.

Choosing the Right Glass Dining Table Set for Your Home

Before buying glass dining table, there are some considerations for you; first, you have to check the density of glass. It is better to choose thick glass because it is not easy to break, thus it is safer. Second, you have to see the material of buttress table; it has to be strong to avoid glass to fall.

Buttress table from steel is strong enough to support glass table. The foot is also balance, which put in every side of the table to reduce rub.

Those are a little information about glass dining table set. Whatever the choice, you should choose the most suitable type. It should be fixed with your interest and need. Do not forget to consider the size of your room, wall painting and the concept you have.

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