Fresh Backyard Patio Ideas with Garden and Outdoor Furniture

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These backyard patio ideas will help you to decide what to do with your backyard. There are ways to get creative with your backyard. Some ways are to make it a garden, a swimming pool, a patio, or even combination of all. However, combining all those brilliant ways is hardly possible when we have limited space of a backyard. The famous way chosen by many, people are combining a patio and a garden. With this choice for a backyard, we can use it for many things when outdoor furniture is installed. There are unlimited designs on how to build a backyard patio. The following are just some of them.

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Backyard Patio with Outdoor Table Set Furniture

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The backyard is divided into two parts. Half is a garden and the other half is a paved patio where outdoor table set furniture is set. The patio is built slightly higher than the garden. This way, the garden view can be easily seen up from the patio. Black paving stones are chosen for making the patio. The black and brown table set furniture is chosen to make a nice backyard color combination.

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The second design has some paved steps to the patio. It is placed at the garden corner with white paving stone. The same stones are set one by one forming a way all the way from the home’s door to the patio. Aside from various plants on the garden, water fountain also helps decoration the garden right to the patio.

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The third design has a different arrangement to the second. If the second has messy vegetation to match the backyard concept, this one has tidy backyard arrangement. Weed is nicely cut covering the entire garden. Paving stones are set from the home’s door to the patio. Instead of using patio natural stone, wooden flooring is used.

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This design has major a difference from the previous ones. Instead of dominating the garden with plants and weed, most of the garden is covered by patio natural stone. The advantage of this design is the easiness to clean. The black table set is placed on the corner of the garden. This backyard arrangement is a perfect choice for you who like tidiness over all other things.

Backyard Patio with Roof

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Instead of a wide space like the previous designs, this design, which is the part of the second part of backyard patio ideas, is suitable for you who has a small backyard and want to build a mini garden. Under the roof, paving stones are set instead of letting it covered with soil or weed. This is good because it will be easy to clean since small space tends to get messy. Furthermore, when a small space gets messy, it will be a disaster.

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