Excellent Apartment Size Furniture Set properly for Limited Space

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If your room does not have enough space for the standard sized furniture, you should try to go with apartment size furniture. As the name suggests, the furniture has smaller size compared to the standard one. This kind of furniture is suitable for limited space. Sure enough, it does not really have to be an apartment; you can also use this kind of furniture for your home or something else like an office.

Multi Functions Furniture

There are many ways to choose the right furniture for the limited space room. The basic thing is to consider the size and the shape of the room. By shape, I mean whether it is a long and narrow room or a small square-shaped room. This part is important to consider as it affects what kind of furniture is better to be installed and how to arrange them. We have gathered some references of furniture in a small room. These references might give you the inspiration to arrange your room into a stunning one.

If you are running out ideas already on how to fit any furniture necessary to the small room, the right way to deal with it is by using multi functions furniture. It means that you should choose furniture, which combines several furniture functions in one.

Take an example of this one. This furniture combines the bed frame with bookshelf and a small working desk. It does not only combine two functions but three. They are bed frames, a bookshelf, and a working desk. Since there is a working desk in the bed, there should be a lighting source supporting the desk. Thus, a secondary light is installed right above the bed head. It does not only function as a secondary light source for working desk but also as a sleeping lamp replacing the one which is usually placed on a bedside table. Because of the limited space, a bedside table cannot be installed within the room. These furniture combination functions are a better way to save space.

Fitting Furniture in a Long and Narrow Space

To fit some apartment size furniture in a long and narrow space is a bit tricky. You have to prioritize first what kind of room you aim for.

Take an example from the picture above. The room is clearly aimed at the main room of a home or apartment. It is the room to invite the guest and relax which can be seen from the presence of the long sofa with leg rest and TV. However, this room also has a working desk on the corner. Surely, it is to save space but since the main aim of the room is making it as the main room to invite the guest, the dominating furniture is the sofa set and the coffee table.

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