Elegant Modern Table Lamps Look With Various Unique Shades

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Do you want something pretty accent but in mini size to beautify your bedroom decoration; try to purchase modern table lamps then? Nowadays, there are so many sophisticated designs of that lamps that also have elegant look with various unique shades. You can take a look for this design. Here you are.

Elegant Lamp Design

You can pick sophisticated glass modern table lamps that have great design. The lamp seems a crystal table lamp, doesn’t it? Pick the lamp with rectangular shade design that has dark color if you like an elegant nuance with soft lighting. Dark shade will reduce the strength of the lighting, so you can sleep relax.

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Now, I will show you the other modern lamp with drum shade design. For you who like dynamic nuance you can pick this lamp to decorate your bedroom. The design of the shade that has circle shape will give flexible and dynamic character. Glass and crystal domination design on this lamp make the lamps really elegant and precious. White color shade emphasizes the luxurious concept of the lamp.

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Unique Lamp Design

This table lamp design can be called as a unique table lamp with bowl shade design. This bowl table lamp seems like a mushroom, doesn’t it? This mini cute decoration can make your bedroom glowing.

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This straight table lamp with bowl shade gives you a refreshing feeling. The shade that helps the light glow very bright make your room looking charming. You feel like under umbrella if you see the lamp design. It is quite interesting.

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The next lamp design is really unique. Two bowls shade on the top and bottom that meet face to face make this lamp look so great. The different color between two shades adds the unique of design. The use of wood as the support of bowls gives the natural accent for this lamp.

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The straight lamp that is covered by slim shade is really unique as well. You can pick this one to beautify your bedroom. This lamp emphasizes downlight system. If you don’t like the really bright lighting in your bedroom, pick this one.

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Empire wooden tripod lamp suits for you who love capturing a picture. Make your hobby describe your character trough the furniture option. You can pick this colorful table lamp to beautify your bedroom. The bright color design of the shade is really clear and the natural wooden tripod emphasizes the natural concept of the lamp.

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